Apple TV+ shows trailers before your series

You pay for content and can dial it directly for viewing? Not if Apple plays a trailer first.

SwiftKey keyboard for iOS now also supports speech recognition

Microsoft has extended its SwiftKey keyboard for iOS: it now supports speech recognition.

MacBook Pro with melted keys

That the butterfly keyboard in current MacBooks is not the wisdom of the last resort is well known. Now we have seen a MacBook Pro, where the keys have even melted.

Disney+ starts November 12, also on Fire TV

Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+, will be launched in the USA on November 12. From March it will also be available in Europe.

BetterTouchTool today 30% cheaper!

BetterTouchTool gets ten years old! The developer offers us 30% rebate to celebrate.

New MacBook Pro and Air hundreds of Dollars cheaper

You need a new MacBook now? Then is the right time to save hundreds of Dollars.

S/MIME encrypted e-mails stored on macOS in plain text

If you need a little more security for your email communication, you might encrypt your mails additionally. Then you should know that the mails under macOS are still stored in plain text.

How to pair old Apple Watches with old iOS 12 iPhones

As always, you’d think. But there is a place in the configuration that tries to send you into an infinite loop.

Synology DS120j with twice as much RAM as DS119j

If you are looking for a simple Synology NAS for one hard drive, you now have access to a new model: the DS120j.

Apple TV+ convinces with high data rates

Rasmus Larsen of flatpanelshd has stated that Apple is serious about the quality of its streaming service.