ifixit iPhone replacement batteries remain priced at 29.99 dollars

Apple’s exchange program for iPhone batteries at a low price has come to an end last year. At ifixit there are still low prices for do-it-yourselfers.

Apple Music Streaming on American Airlines flights without surcharge

If you have an Apple Music subscription and would like to use it on an American Airlines plane, you can now do so at no extra charge.

Group FaceTime disabled due to vulnerability

Apple has currently disabled the ability to make group calls in FaceTime. The reason is a serious security vulnerability.

DrayTek VigorAP 903 WLAN Access Point with Mesh and App for Setup

DrayTek has updated its ac-enabled Wifi access point: the successor of the VigorAP 902 is called 903 and comes with some modern updates.

Apple offers iPhone Xr for $18.99 monthly installment in the U.S.

Apple has introduced another offer for the purchase of an iPhone Xr in the USA: monthly payment.

Modem for Supervectoring: DrayTek Vigor 165 masters VDSL 35b

If you are looking for a high-quality modem for a new VDSL connection with supervectoring, you will now find the DrayTek Vigor 165.

Microsoft Office 365 now officially in the Mac App Store

From now on Microsoft’s Office Package in the 365 version is officially available in Apple’s Mac App Store.

Apple releases short film shot entirely on iPhone Xs

Apple has released a seven-minute short film that was shot entirely on iPhone Xs.

Three short videos about Apple Pay Cash

Apple has released three short videos showing how Apple Pay Cash works.

Grovemade has a new beautiful Apple Watch Dock

Would you like to put your Apple Watch on a nice wireless charger? Then the model from Grovemade comes into question for you.