MacBook Pro and iMac now with new M3 chip

apple macbook pro 2up 231030

M3 chips in 3 nanometer technology.

Apple has equipped the MacBook Pros and the new iMac with the new M3 chip generation.

The chip is available as M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max for the MacBook Pro series. The battery runtimes of the devices, which are also available in black for the first time, are up to 22 hours.

apple macbook pro keyboard 231030

The performance increase is 50% (M1) to 30% for the efficiency cores compared to the predecessors. The increase is only about half as high in the performance cores. The maximum RAM configuration is 128 GB.

apple m3 chip series efficiency cores comparison 231030

The iMac skips the M2 chip and comes directly with the new M3. However, only the basic model is available here, but the M3 is available with up to 24 GB of RAM for an additional charge.

apple imac m3 colors 231030

Apple does not rest on the success of the M1 and M2 chips. The new 3 nanometer technology of the M3 chips provide even more efficiency and performance with very economical power consumption. Those who need a new computer right now will find almost ideal devices.

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