New DD-WRT Firmware for ancient router WHR-HP-54 from Buffalo

You still have an old router in your kit and want to throw it away? We have a better alternative!

Internet Radio: How to Add Radio Streams to iTunes

Want to listen to your favorite radio station on iTunes? No problem, you have two options.

Trick: How to mute Siri

Siri is a practical thing to set a timer to 13 minutes or to add something to the memory list, because it’s faster than typing it in. But do you want your peace of mind? We will show you how it works.

Super simple: Frank DHL parcels with a QR code in the iPhone wallet.

You want to send a DHL parcel and frank it online, but you don’t want to print the address sticker (or you can’t)? The problem can easily be solved with an iPhone – if you know how to do it, you just do it that way.

Aerial Screensaver from Apple TV on your Mac – incl. Download

We show you how to use the beautiful aerial screensavers from the Apple TV on your Mac.

How to spot a fake eBay offer

You want to buy a used Mac on eBay? Then open your eyes and use your common sense. We’ll show you some obvious criteria that indicate a fake offer.

macOS: Control the brightness of an external monitor easily

If you want to change the brightness of an external monitor, for example on a MacBook, you either have to do this yourself via the monitors’s on-screen menu or go to the system settings. Pretty annoying. But there is a better solution!

Mac mini 2018 Alternative: A used Mac Pro 2013

Are you thinking of buying a Mac mini 2018? Have you ever thought about a used Mac Pro?

Tip: Let your iPhone battery be replaced this year!

Apple’s this year’s reduced prices for an iPhone battery exchange still apply. If your battery is very used, you should accept the offer and make an appointment at Apple right away.

Chrome: Turn off “Hold ⌘Q to quit”

The new Version of Google Chromes again comes with the standard option to hold ⌘Q to quit the browser. If you are an old Mac user and that annoys you, here is how to switch it off.