Catalina: SAT>IP eyeTV Television Software Alternative for macOS

You are looking for a TV software for macOS that runs under 10.15 Catalina? eyeTV will be adjusted in a little while but you need a solution immediately? No problem if you have SAT>IP devices at home.

Catalina: How to enable home sharing for music

iTunes is dead, long live music and Apple TV! If you are looking for media sharing or home sharing for music and movies in the new arrangement under macOS 10.15 Catalina, you have to search in a different place than usual.

Sidecar Compatible Macs and iPads + Tips for Older Devices

Sidecar, the new feature for iPads to be used as another display on a Mac under macOS Catalina, sets certain technical requirements. We’ll tell you what and what you can do when your devices are older.

iOS 13: Change and enlarge font size in Safari Browser

Finally you can change the font size on the iPhone and iPad under iOS 13 in the browser. Safari now allows you to zoom in and out on letters.

iOS 13: Text Marking with 3D and Haptic Touch

iOS 13 comes with some small changes that will interest you if you frequently work with text and need to mark and copy parts of it.

iOS 13 keyboard supports two languages at the same time

Apple has not only taught the iOS 13 keyboard the Swype function: the keyboard can now also handle entries in two languages at the same time.

iOS 13: How to connect an iPhone/iPad to an SMB Server

iOS 13 brings a long desired feature: You can access an SMD server with the iPhone or iPad – directly from the files app.

macOS Catalina Patcher: 10.15 on old Macs

If you want to combine an old Mac with a new macOS, you have to do some tricks. The macOS Catalina Patcher helps.

iPhone fell in water? Drying in rice is a stupid idea!

You know the tip that you have to switch off wet smartphones quickly and put them in rice so that they dry quickly. ifixit has tested them and found out: this is nonsense.

Own DIY Cloud backup solution with 8 TB hard disk and Synology

You like online backups, but have a lot of data, so it would be cheaper for you to build your own solution? We will show you which components are suitable and how to set up everything.