iPhone: Faster Surfing Speed with Adblocker

You want your iPhone to be even faster? We have a great tip for you.

Stay on Mojave: How to hide the update to macOS Catalina

You have your Mac running under macOS Mojave and you want to keep it that way? Then we’ll show you how to hide the displayed update to macOS Catalina.

How to pair old Apple Watches with old iOS 12 iPhones

As always, you’d think. But there is a place in the configuration that tries to send you into an infinite loop.

How to use Aperture, iTunes and iPhoto under macOS Catalina

You like one of the mentioned software packages better than what comes under macOS Catalina? Then we show you how easy it is to run these programs on Apple’s latest operating system.

Catalina: SAT>IP eyeTV Television Software Alternative for macOS

You are looking for a TV software for macOS that runs under 10.15 Catalina? eyeTV will be adjusted in a little while but you need a solution immediately? No problem if you have SAT>IP devices at home.

Catalina: How to enable home sharing for music

iTunes is dead, long live music and Apple TV! If you are looking for media sharing or home sharing for music and movies in the new arrangement under macOS 10.15 Catalina, you have to search in a different place than usual.

Sidecar Compatible Macs and iPads + Tips for Older Devices

Sidecar, the new feature for iPads to be used as another display on a Mac under macOS Catalina, sets certain technical requirements. We’ll tell you what and what you can do when your devices are older.

iOS 13: Change and enlarge font size in Safari Browser

Finally you can change the font size on the iPhone and iPad under iOS 13 in the browser. Safari now allows you to zoom in and out on letters.

iOS 13: Text Marking with 3D and Haptic Touch

iOS 13 comes with some small changes that will interest you if you frequently work with text and need to mark and copy parts of it.

iOS 13 keyboard supports two languages at the same time

Apple has not only taught the iOS 13 keyboard the Swype function: the keyboard can now also handle entries in two languages at the same time.