macOS Catalina Patcher: 10.15 on old Macs

If you want to combine an old Mac with a new macOS, you have to do some tricks. The macOS Catalina Patcher helps.

iPhone fell in water? Drying in rice is a stupid idea!

You know the tip that you have to switch off wet smartphones quickly and put them in rice so that they dry quickly. ifixit has tested them and found out: this is nonsense.

Own DIY Cloud backup solution with 8 TB hard disk and Synology

You like online backups, but have a lot of data, so it would be cheaper for you to build your own solution? We will show you which components are suitable and how to set up everything.

Fix: macOS 10.14 Mojave SMB does not work, Finder crashes

If you want to use Mojave SMB as file sharing protocol with macOS 10.14, you might have the problem that the Finder hangs.

iOS 13? Use Dark Mode and Swype Keyboard now!

With the announcement of iOS 13, Apple has promised a system-wide dark mode and a Swype keyboard. But both functions can also be used under iOS 12.

2019: The Ideal Bargain MacBook is a Used Pro from 2016

You have a very limited budget, but still want to have a MacBook without sacrificing reasonable equipment and a little longer-term security for technical components? Then a used MacBook Pro 2016 is the current sweet spot.

Buy movies/series on iTunes or Blu-Ray/DVD?

If you like movies and series and collect them, you might wonder what the better source is for buying content: old-fashioned optical discs like Blu-Rays and DVDs, or downloadable offers like the iTunes Store.

How to rip and play Blu-Rays on a Mac

We’ll tell you how to get BluRays onto your hard drive. We’ll show you three possible variants.

macOS Terminal: Make new directory

In this series we introduce you to commands for the command line of macOS which make life easier and faster.

Rip DVDs: MacX DVD Ripper Pro for free

Currently you can download MacX DVD Ripper Pro for free.