Chrome: Turn off “Hold ⌘Q to quit”

The new Version of Google Chromes again comes with the standard option to hold ⌘Q to quit the browser. If you are an old Mac user and that annoys you, here is how to switch it off.

Memory in Mac mini 2018 is replaceable, board must be completely removed

ifixt already has the first upgrade instructions for the new Mac mini 2018 out: We’re shown how to change the memory modules.

How to burn an .iso image on DVD under macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave

Sometimes you have to burn a .iso onto a DVD. But how do you do that under macOS 10.12 Sierra, 10.13 High Sierra and 10.14 Mojave?

Opera Browser for macOS offers Battery Saver Option

If you are interested in an alternative browser on macOS, have a look at Opera, which offers a cool option.

macOS: How to automatically mount network drives on startup

You have a small server or a NAS and you want to connect this network drive automatically when starting macOS? It is very simple if you know how.

macOS Shortcut “Lock Screen” set up ergonomically correct

You want to lock the screen when leaving the Mac so that nobody has access to your data? From macOS 10.13 High Sierra on no problem, Apple has even provided a shortcut for it. We’ll show you how to customize it so that you can press it quickly with one hand.

iOS: The fastest way to scan documents on your iPhone

You are busy again, but you have to make a scan of an important document? Nothing easier than that!

More privacy: How to hide photos from the iOS photo library

You have a few photos that shouldn’t be visible in the normal photo overview on the iPhone or iPad? With iOS 12 you have the possibility to hide photos easily.

iTunes Sharing vs Home Sharing vs Family Sharing vs iCloud Music Library

What is the difference? Apple offers four possibilities to share iTunes content across devices and people: iTunes Sharing, Home Sharing, Family Sharing and iCloud Music Library. We tell you their concepts and which one to pick.

Is the AirPower charging mat not coming? Build your own!

Apple’s AirPower charging mat for wireless charging of iPhones and AirPods seems to be further delayed. Just build your own!