What to buy? Recommendations and Decision Support.

Which iPhone to buy?

We show you the iPhone models in detail. No matter if you need the most powerful one, because you would like to have a nice replacement for your DSLR, or if just want the phone with the best battery life.

We show you the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XR and the most current iPhone SE.

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Apple iphone 11 family lineup 091019

Which Mac to buy?

We tell you the specific characteristics of all Macs and which one is right for your. If you need a mobile Macbook or a desktop iMac or Mac mini, we can tell you the use cases for each machine.

Mac Recommendations >>>

Apple Mac mini 2014 1280x435 510x173 1

Which USB-C / Thunderbolt cable to buy?

Choosing the right USB-C or Thunderbolt cable can be a bit more complicated than you expect. We sorted the best cables in categories, so can make a fast choice for your usage scenario.

USB-C Cable Recommendations >>>

Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Cable 40Gbps Support

Which Monitor to buy?

We tell you the important characteristics of different models, not matter if you need Apples 6K monitor, a good 5K monitor or a more affordable 4K model. You don’t need that high of a resolution and want to save some money? We can show you good display models that are worth buying.

Monitor Recommendations >>>

eizo EV3285 wt1 510x287

Which MacBook to buy?

We tell you the specific characteristics of all MacBooks. Do you want to crunch numbers all day? Don’t get a MacBook Air. Would you love to do some extensive graphic work? Then go with the 16″ MacBook Pro. Read on to know what is best for you.

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Which iMac to buy?

We tell you the specific characteristics of all iMacs. There are small ones, even without retina display, and huge and fast 27″ models, that almost reach the performance of an iMac Pro. The iMac is still Apples best computer as we find. Some find it boring, but it is quite the opposite and machine you want, if you want your work done and technology in the background.

iMac Recommendations >>>

Mac27 Tilt Yosemite Homescreen PRINT

Which Apple Watch to buy?

We tell you the difference between Series 3 and Series 5: You may only need a good smart watch for your sports activities or you may have a need for a medical device that monitors your heart. In any case, both currently by Apple offered Apple Watch options are awesome.

Apple Watch Recommendations >>>

Apple Watch Features 1280x721

Which iPad to buy?

We show you the iPad details you should consider when buying. In the current lineup, Apple offers a simple iPad, a more advanced iPad Air and two iPad Pro models. Do you like to draw on your iPad? Check out the differences between Apple Pencil 1 and 2.

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Which 10 Gbit Switch to buy?

We show you the best Switches for 2.5 – 10 Gbit copper as well as SFP and SFP+ fiber models.

Switch Recommendations >>>

Zyxel XGS1010 12 10 Gbit Switch

Which external hard drive for Mac to buy?

We show you good external drives and SSDs for you Mac.

Recommendations for external SSD/HDD >>>

Seagate external hard drive for Mac

Which HomeKit Security Camera to buy?

We show you the best HomeKit cameras that bring more security to your home.

HomeKit Camera Recommendations >>>

Home Security Camera

Which backup program for the Mac to buy?

We show you the three best backup programs for your Mac. There is Time Machine from Apple, of course, but if you need more options and more security, then an additional software is a must to keep your data safe.

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Which Modem, Router or Access Point to buy?

We picked the best internet access devices for you.

Modem, Router and Access Point Recommendations >>>

Apple AirPort Express Ports