What to buy? Recommendations and Decision Support.

We give you some advice and an overview not only for Apple devices, but also for accessories that play along. As there are lots of different devices, we pick those that fulfil one of the most important criteria: stability. There may be cheaper alternatives, but we don’t like it if a device wastes our time, and so we don’t waste yours only to show you a good price.

Only a few products earn our recommendation.

The products we pick are well-engineered and a bit better than the competition. Sometimes you know them, sometimes we find something from an unknown manufacturer. One thing we assure you, however, and that is that they work and make you life easier. Because technology should work for you, not the other way around.

Which iPhone to buy?

We show you the iPhone models in detail:

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Which MacBook to buy?

We tell you the specific characteristics of all MacBooks:

MacBook Recommendations >>>

Which Apple Watch to buy?

We tell you the difference between Series 1 and Series 3:

Apple Watch Recommendations >>>

Which iPad to buy?

We show you the iPad details you should consider when buying:

iPad Recommendations >>>

Apple AirPort Express Ports

Which Modem, Router or Access Point to buy?

We picked the best internet access devices for you:

Modem, Router and Access Point Recommendations >>>

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