Apple Watch: a model for every use

  • all are waterproof and
  • have a good battery life
  • Ultra and Series 8 have ECG function

Models are available for every budget.

The Apple Watch is currently sold in three versions: Ultra, Series 8, and the second-generation Apple Watch SE, the latter two with optional cellular connectivity. The Apple Watch Ultra comes with cellular connectivity as standard. GPS is always on board. There are also the Hèrmes and Nike series as well as different casing materials.

Watch out if you are still using an old iPhone with iOS 12: Apple forbids pairing a new Apple Watch.

When should I buy the Apple Watch Ultra? The best time to buy.

Apple Watch Ultra Yellow Ocean band Depth app 220907

The Ultra was first introduced in September 2022.

  • ECG function and oxygen measurement
  • Always-on-Display
  • suitable for recreational diving up to 40m
  • Depth sensor
  • customizable action button
  • Accident detection
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Apple Watch Ultra: For extreme situations

Apple sells the Series 8 and the Ultra and SE models in parallel. There is a difference of a few hundred Euros between the three models. What are the differences between the models and what do you get for your money? Let’s start with a comparison between the Series 8 and the new Ultra. You get additional features with the Ultra:

  • a larger and twice as bright display
  • an extra button for configurable functions
  • a titanium case
  • 36 hours battery life
  • Water resistance 40m
Apple Watch Ultra Orange Alpine Loop Action button 220907

The Ultra’s features are thus more aimed at extreme athletes and divers who need a device that is both robust and has a long battery life because you are sometimes out for the whole weekend.

In addition, the display is much easier to read with a maximum brightness of 2000 nits, especially when you are in direct sunlight. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, the Apple Watch even has a siren on board.

Series 8 or SE for sports and normal use,
Apple Watch Ultra for active lifestyle and extreme sports.

The display is flush with the rest of the case. This should ensure that it is less likely to be damaged, since the case can absorb lateral shocks well. The somewhat more robust design helps to operate the buttons and the crown even if you have dirty hands, for example.

Apple Watch Ultra 3up hero 220907

Apple pays for all the improvements that go beyond the normal Apple Watch: You can buy it for just under 1000 Euros. That is a lot of money, but you will hardly get anything comparable in this product category.

Comparison table Apple Watch

When should I buy the Apple Watch Series 8? The best time to buy.

Apple Watch S8 aluminum starlight 220907

The Series 8 was updated in September 2022.

  • ECG function and oxygen measurement
  • Always-on-Display
  • Accident detection
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Apple Watch Series 8: With ECG function and oxygen measurement

The main difference to the cheaper Apple Watch SE (2nd gen) is the offered health features. The Apple Watch 8 is able to create an ECG of your heart as well as measure and monitor the oxygen saturation of your blood.

For this purpose, four LED clusters and four photodiodes are installed on the bottom of the watch, which allow the information to be collected. Put simply, the Apple Watch Series 8 looks at the color of your blood and can calculate the oxygen content based on that. A fascinating function.

Apple Watch S8 aluminum midnight 220907

Apple continues to expand the Apple Watch with medical functions. Since the ECG function already works flawlessly and is very helpful for many people, the same can be expected from the blood oxygen saturation function. So, if monitoring your health is very important to you, the surcharge from the Apple Watch SE to the Series 8 is not worth considering and can almost be called cheap for the power of the functions.

You will also have to go for the Apple Watch Series 8 if you want to have a choice of case materials: stainless steel is only available for the Series 8 for an additional charge.

Apple Watch S8 aluminum starlight 220907

This also applies to the always-on display, which can permanently show information. The Apple SE has a conventional display that simply turns off when not in use.

A brand-new feature of the Series 8 (but also of the new SE 2nd gen) is accident detection. The smartwatch detects acceleration values via many sensors and evaluates them. If it comes to the conclusion that the high loads were caused by an accident, it automatically calls 911 and reports your current position.

Apple Watch Hermès based on Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch S8 Hermes Gourmette Metal 220907

The Hermes version of the Apple Watch has a strap that combines a leather strap and chain. The Hermès versions all come with LTE cellular connectivity. Together with the offered leather straps and the exclusive dial, the Hèrmes Edition is a very elegant interpretation of the Apple Watch.

When should I buy the Apple Watch SE (2nd gen)? The best time to buy.

Apple Watch SE aluminum starlight 220907

The SE (2nd gen) was updated in September 2022.

  • no ECG function and oxygen measurement
  • no always-on display
  • Accident detection
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Apple Watch SE (2. Gen): Without more extensive health functions

The Apple Watch SE is also a very good choice if you’re on a budget and don’t care for a few features that the Series 8 offers. The SE saves in a few key places:

  • the display is a bit smaller
  • no EGK
  • no oxygen measurement
  • Aluminum housing only
  • no always-on display
Apple Watch SE yellow Band

Thus, the display of the Apple Watch SE offers a bit less display area, but it is still sufficient. The missing always-on feature is not really missing in everyday use, either. The SE is a good choice, especially if you can do without the health features.

You don’t need the ECG function? Then take the SE.

It is great that Apple has also equipped the Apple Watch SE with the emergency call function. It detects acceleration values in case of an accident and can dial 911 in an emergency. Even if you buy the smallest Apple Watch model, you will always get this useful function by default.

Apple watch series7 design 09142021

Beginners, style, health – the focus of the three models

The main advantages with the new Series 8 is the nice big always-on display as well as the powerful health features oxygen saturation and ECG. The Series 8 brings all the good features of an Apple Watch plus extensive medical technology.

The Apple Watch SE leaves out these features as well as an always-on display for a lower price. In return, you get a stylish Apple Watch that is up to date.

Apple Watch Series 6 Nike purple

The Ultra has everything that is technically possible. It is equipped for extreme (diving) use and can even manage several days without a charger. It also comes with a new, robust design.

Apple Watch case: aluminum or stainless steel?

In addition to the technical question of whether you will be happy with the Ultra, SE or Series 8, many people still have to decide whether they should choose an aluminum or stainless steel case – after all, the Apple Watch is also an accessory. Titanium is also available as a casing material for the Apple Watch Ultra, but most people will decide between aluminum and stainless steel.

Apple Watch Series 6 Watchface

In addition to the higher price for the stainless steel, two properties are simply decisive. Firstly, the stainless steel version is significantly heavier. Really noticeably. You notice that the watch really weighs something when you wear it. For many, that is a sign of value – and it is. However, if you want to have as little weight on your arm as possible during sports, you should choose the aluminum version.

The second factor is the surface finish: The stainless steel variants in light and dark are very shiny, all aluminum colors are matte and have a different character. You should use these two properties to make your decision if price is not an issue.

Our recommendation: Just let your wallet decide.

The Series 7 is high tech, the Series 3 is getting old. Apple’s pricing is very fair: for about half the price, you don’t get all the features, but you’re still good for everyday use. So you won’t miss out on anything essential if your budget is limited. If you can afford it, you get the more interesting always-on display and a somewhat fresher design in the Series 7, while the SE offers current technology without more extensive health features.

Apple Watch SE 8up hero 220907

The mobile variant needs a corresponding contract!

If you are interested in getting a cellular variant so that you can make calls with the Apple Watch, you will need a corresponding contract. One with a multi-SIM should be sufficient. Since the watch has an eSIM, i.e. a built-in SIM card so that you do not have to insert a small piece of plastic into the smartwatch, your provider also has to play along.

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