Apple Watch Series4 Hermes double tour 09122018

The Apple Watch is currently sold in four versions: As Series 3 and Series 5 and each with and without cellular connection. GPS is always on board. Prices for Series 3 start at $199, for Series 5 at $399.

Please be careful if you are using an iPhone with iOS 12: Apple prohibits pairing Apple Watches in this case.

When should I buy the Apple Watch? The best time to buy.

Apple Watch Series4 Gold stainless steel 09122018
The Apple Watch Series 5 is up to date and was presented in September 2019. The Series 3 model is sold in parallel.

At this point we will always keep you up to date about the actuality of the product. Of course, as always with technology: if you need it, you should buy it.

green means: up to date
orange: approaching the end of the product cycle
red: update is imminent – better wait

The world of Apple Watch is quite clear

As mentioned Apple sells the Series 3 and Series 4 in parallel. The newer 4 Series costs 220 Dollars more than the Series 4. What do you get for it?

  • a display that is larger by more than 30%
  • Digital crown with haptic feedback
  • S4 processor (twice as fast as its predecessor)
  • Electric heart sensor
  • fall detection
  • always-on display
  • compass
  • possibility for international emergency calls

The display of the Series 5 Apple Watch has gained a lot of display space and is always on compared to the Series 4 that is no longer offered. I.e. it constantly displays the selected watchface. Not in full brightness and it’s not necessarily a reason to switch from the Series 4 to the 5, but it’s a nice detail.

Apple watch series 5 new case material made of titanium 091019

Moreover, compared to the older Series 3, the display is no longer exactly square, but rounded, similar to the iPhone 11. This gives the Smartwatch, which has also become somewhat flatter, a very pleasing appearance. The fact that the processor is faster since Series 4 is something we like to take with us (Series 5 seems to be just as fast as Series 4, but has more internal memory with 16GB).

Series 3 for sport and normal use,
Series 5 for medical surveillance and luxury.

The digital crown, i.e. the small rotary wheel on the right side, has received haptic feedback. Similar to the iPhone with the Taptic Engine, the Apple Watch now also gives mechanical feedback when scrolling through the menu. Very pleasant.

With the built-in electric heart sensor, the Apple Watch has taken a step in the direction of a medical device. This function is very powerful and gives the Series 4 and 5 a technical advantage over its predecessor, as is the fall detection. So if you are interested in medical monitoring or if you have to take care of yourself, the newer model is something for you. Likewise, only the Series 5 has the option of international emergency calls (in the LTE model): no matter where you are in the world, you can always make an emergency call – assuming you have a mobile network.

For beginners and athletes

Apple Watch Series 3

The cheapest versions are available from 199 Dollars. They come with an aluminium case, so they are lighter than the stainless steel versions and come with plastic wristbands. These models are waterproof up to 50m and are able to receive a GPS signal even without an iPhone.

Apple watch series 5 silver aluminum case camel band 091019

These entry-level devices are suitable for users who actually want to use the Smartwatch mainly as a watch or GPS tracker and can do without the new medical function. However, the display will also be slightly smaller.

There is also a Nike Edition for all fans of jogging. The Nike variant offers special Nike dials, a perforated bracelet and an ideal connection to the Nike+ Run Club App. The models cost from 199 Dollars or 399 Dollars and have a GPS chip on board, mobile phone connection is optional. This allows you to track a run or swim even without an iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 5 in different materials and editions

The Apple Watch Series 5 offers you a wide range of materials. The low priced models come with an aluminium case, the better ones in stainless steel. In addition, there is titanium to choose from and again a ceramic case – this, however, only in white, the elegant gray of the old Series 3 does not exist. For this colour you should use the titanium version.

Apple watchOS 5 Walkie Talkie screen 06042018

Also with the Series 5 there is of course again a Nike Edition. It costs as much as the standard aluminum models from $399.

Apple Watch Hermès based on Apple Watch Series 5

The Hermes version of the Apple Watch has a leather strap and costs from $1.249. The Hermès versions all come with an LTE mobile phone connection. Together with the currently offered black leather strap and the black dial, the Hermès Edition is a very elegant interpretation of the Apple Watch.

Apple watch series 5 hermes face single tour noir band 091019

It is considerably more expensive than the standard models, but has a fantastic leather strap and its own watchfaces, which are exclusive to this model.

High Tech Tool vs. Fair Price

The main advantage of the new Series 5 is the beautiful large always-on display with the rounded corners. It looks simply fantastic and gives the watch a fresh look. In addition, the built-in medical monitoring tools are a great advancement. The free choice of case materials and bracelets make the Series 5 the best Smartwatch.

Nevertheless, the Series 3 is still a good choice. It is not slow, the material quality and design are still excellent and the operating system is still maintained. Due to the low price it is the right choice for all those who prefer the offered functions for sports and notifications and can do without the latest design and the ECG function.

Technical Specifications Series 3

Apple Watch Series4 ECG HeartRate 09122018

Apple Watch 38mm

  • Display with 272×340 pixels

Apple Watch 42mm

  • Display with 312×390 pixels

The same for both Series 3 models:

  • Force Touch Display
  • Taptic Engine (linear actuator, i.e. vibration alarm)
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Acceleration sensor
  • 8 GB memory, LTE model 16 GB
  • Changeable battery
  • GPS, LTE optional
  • Bluetooth 4.2

Technical Specifications Series 5

Apple Watch Series4 Gold Milanese 09122018

Apple Watch 40mm

  • Display with 324×394 pixels

Apple Watch 44mm

  • Display with 368×448 pixels

The same for both Series 4 models:

  • Force Touch Display
  • Taptic Engine (linear actuator, i.e. vibration alarm)
  • optical and electrical heart rate monitor
  • Acceleration sensor
  • 16 GB Memory
  • Changeable battery
  • GPS, LTE optional
  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Our recommendation: Let your budget decide.

    The Series 5 is high tech, but the Series 3 is not obsolete. Apple’s pricing is very fair: for about half the price you won’t get all the features, but you’ll always be good at everyday use. So you won’t miss a thing if your budget is limited. Those who can afford it will get the more interesting always-on display and a slightly fresher design in the Series 5.

    The mobile version needs a corresponding contract!

    If you are interested in purchasing a mobile phone variant so that you can make calls with Apple Watch, you will need an appropriate contract. One with Multi-SIM should be sufficient. Since the watch has an eSIM, i.e. a built-in SIM card, so that you don’t have to insert a small piece of plastic into the Smartwatch, your provider must also play along.

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