India: Netflix annual subscription at half price

Netflix is constantly experimenting with new price models. In India, a variant has now emerged that promises a 50% discount.

iPod Click Wheel as App on the iPhone

The older of you can still remember the navigation that was used to navigate the iPod: the Click Wheel.

Which Macs are compatible with Pro Display XDR?

The Pro Display XDR offers 6K resolution – therefore a high graphic power is necessary to drive the screen. We’ll tell you the Macs you can connect the new Pro XDR to.

First introduction and support videos for Mac Pro

Since yesterday the new Mac Pro can be ordered, now there are the first videos about the fastest Mac.

Extension for Mac mini: 2x GPU, 4x SSD

On Kickstarter a project tries to get funding for an expansion of the Mac mini: it provides two PCIe slots and four slots for SSDs.

Sparkasse, Commerzbank and Norisbank launch Apple Pay in Germany

Do you have a credit card from Sparkasse, Commerzbank or Norisbank? Then you can use it now for Apple Pay.

Swiss network provider has developed alternative to annoying Apple TV Remote

The Swiss network provider Salt has developed extra hardware for its Swiss Apple TV customers to meet their complaints.

Pro Display and Mac Pro available tomorrow

Professional users can order Apple’s new Mac Pro and Pro Display tomorrow.

iPhone: Faster Surfing Speed with Adblocker

You want your iPhone to be even faster? We have a great tip for you.

Zattoo Television Streaming: Ultimate Package now cheaper

Anyone in Germany who no longer can or wants to receive linear television via antenna can access streaming services so that the programmes come via the Internet. Zattoo has now lowered the price for its own best package.