10.5 inch: Buy new iPad Air 2019 or old iPad Pro 2017?

With the introduction of the new iPad Air in 10.5″ Apple has made the old iPad Pro 2017 obsolete. This is now frequently on offer. Is the purchase still a good choice?

New AirPods with wireless charging case and “Hey Siri”

Apple updated the AirPods today. The new wireless Bluetooth earphones don’t get a new product name but some new tech.

New iMacs: Twice as fast and with VEGA GPU

Apple has updated the iMacs: they are now up to twice as fast and can be equipped with a potent Vega GPU.

iPad 2019 at the performance level of iPhone Xs

The first geekbench of the new iPad models has appeared and there are few surprises.

New iPad Air and updated iPad mini

Apple has given us two new iPad models: a new iPad Air and an updated iPad mini.

Privacy on the iPhone: Good commercial

Apple has released a new commercial about privacy on the iPhone.

USA: Apple Music comes to Fire TV

Apple is expanding the availability of its own services on third-party hardware: now it’s Amazon’s Fire TV turn.

Apple alternatives: USB-C on Lightning cable

Apple has recently also released it to third party manufacturers to produce USB-C on Lightning cable. And already there is choice.

Ikea Tradfri iOS App now supports two switches in same room

With the current update of the Ikea Tradfri iOS App it is now possible to use two control units in one room.

Apple invites to a special event on March 25th.

Apple invites to a special event on March 25th.