Instructions: How to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone

You have a bank that supports Apple Pay? Then you just have to activate the new payment method on your iPhone. We will show you how it works.

Apple Pay starts with some banks in Germany

From now on you can also pay in Germany with Apple Pay! If you are customer of the right bank, of course.

Elago W5 booth for the Apple Watch looks like a GameBoy

Elago has released an Apple Watch stand that looks like the classic Nintendo GameBoy.

Aerial Screensaver from Apple TV on your Mac – incl. Download

We show you how to use the beautiful aerial screensavers from the Apple TV on your Mac.

FaceTime: Switch front and rear cameras quickly in iOS 12.1.1

In the latest iOS version 12.1.1 Apple has improved an annoying circumstance: the fast switching between front and rear camera during a FaceTime call.

New transparent iPhone case and 18 Watt USB-C power adapter

Two new products for the iPhone lineup are available from Apple.

LG 34WK95U-W 5K monitor now runs under macOS 10.14.2

Apple’s macOS update to 10.14.2 brings LG’s 5K monitor under macOS to life.

How to spot a fake eBay offer

You want to buy a used Mac on eBay? Then open your eyes and use your common sense. We’ll show you some obvious criteria that indicate a fake offer.

Using an old 30 pin audio dock with Bluetooth adapter

You still have an audio dock designed for the old Apple 30 Pin Connector? Just make it suitable for modern times by equipping it with a Bluetooth receiver.

macOS: Control the brightness of an external monitor easily

If you want to change the brightness of an external monitor, for example on a MacBook, you either have to do this yourself via the monitors’s on-screen menu or go to the system settings. Pretty annoying. But there is a better solution!