First look into the new iPhone 11 Pro Max

The first look into the iPhone 11 Pro Max allows us a team from Vietnam.

Apple Store Customer Support uses old non-Retina MacBook Air and iPad Air

If you’ve wondered when you have to replace old Apple hardware in order not to make a fool of yourself and if it’s questionable that you hang on your old MacBook Air with USB-A ports, you should take a close look in the Apple Store: the service staff use quite old hardware.

Geniatech prepares eyetv 4 in 64 bit for macOS Catalina

You are using a TV stick from Geniatech and get the warning from macOS that eyeTV 3 won’t run for long? Don’t panic, they are working on the conversion to a 64 bit version.

Apple sells the 3 year old iPhone 7 as the new iPad 7.

In September 2016, the iPhone 7 came onto the market – without a headphone jack and with a lot of attention. It is no longer sold after presentation of the iPhone 11, but its technical basis lives on in the new seventh-generation iPad.

iPad Pro models with 1TB memory now $200 cheaper

Apple has kindly lowered the surcharges for top memory equipment on both sizes of the iPad Pro models.

New Apple Watch Series 3 now requires at least an iPhone 6s

By new we mean of course newly purchased from Apple – the Series 3 is after all already in stores since 2017.

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch 5, iPad 7

Apple introduced new hardware and software today. Included: a new iPhone and an updated Apple Watch!

Update to watchOS 6 requires purchase of a new iPhone in part

You have an Apple Watch and are looking forward to the watchOS 6 update? Then you should have the right iPhone for Apple’s smartwatch.

iOS 13 drops support for iPhone 6, 5s and iPad 2, 3

The upcoming iOS 13 will no longer run on many popular Apple devices. These are beloved iPhone models and an iPad that was sold until 2017.

iPhone 11 production breaks Chinese labor protection laws

The production of current iPhones under the control of Apple and Foxconn contradicts current laws in China, according to a report by the non-profit organization China Labour Watch.