Apple TV can now FaceTime in landscape mode

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FaceTime on your TV.

Apple finally allows FaceTime to run in landscape mode on the Apple TV. iPhones can be connected and provide their cameras and microphones.

A great feature, but several years too late for our liking. How often were we asked during the pandemic how to set this up and Apple had not recognized the times. But at least it is now possible to bring FaceTime to big TVs.

There is good news for users of the Apple TV HD from 2015: tvOS 17 will also be available for this Apple TV. However, it is not quite clear whether the FaceTime feature will be supported for this device. In the press release, Apple only ever talks about the 4K version of the Apple TV. It is common practice at Apple that some older devices do not come with current functions despite new software. Perhaps the old A8 chip in the HD model is not powerful enough. But as we all know, hope dies last.

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