Mac Pro and Studio get M2 Max and M2 Ultra

apple wwdc23 m2 ultra chip 230605

The last Mac gets Apple Silicon.

The Mac Studio gets new chips: Apple has further developed the M2 variants and now brings the M2 Max and Ultra variants to the Mac Studio. The chip is supposed to be about 50% faster than the M1 Max.

In addition, there is the M2 Ultra, which is twice as fast as the M2 Max – after all, this is simply doubled. This one offers up to 192 GB of unified memory. The new M2 Ultra is also said to be around 50% faster than the previous model in certain applications.

apple wwdc23 mac pro m2 ultra mac pro internal 230605

For users who want to use PCIe expansion, Apple has now equipped the Mac Pro with Apple Silicon. The Mac Pro comes with the M2 Ultra. Its graphics are thus as powerful as an old Mac Pro with seven Afterburner cards. In addition, the new Pro has twice as many Thunderbolt ports as the previous model. Six Gen 4 PCIe slots are available on the inside for expansions.

In addition, many users should also be happy about the drastically reduced power consumption and thus also significantly less waste heat. The extreme efficiency of Apple’s silicon chips has advantages in every area.

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