Which HomeKit Camera to buy?

A surveillance or security camera for your home is useful. We list HomeKit compatible models here, after all you want to be able to control them with your iPhone and Siri. We suggest four models:

Logitech Circle 2 HomeKit Security Camera

Home Security Camera

The Logitech Circle 2 is a good choice if you’re looking for a reliable camera that can easily adapt to different mounting scenarios. This makes it “easy” to set up, which should be sufficient for most indoor applications. However, there are more practical mounting options: For example, it can be mounted directly to the window with a bracket so that the outside area is always in view. Or you can use the socket holder: the camera is not in the way and always has power supply. A weatherproof outer cable is also available.

Home Security Camera

Arlo Baby Full-HD HomtKit Camera with Night Vision

arlo baby kamera

If you want to watch your baby sleep safely, you can take a look at Arlo’s baby camera. Since an update, this camera is now also HomeKit compatible and can be easily integrated into your Apple ecosystem.
In addition to the camera function with night vision, the Arlo model also comes with air sensors, motion detection and 2-way audio.

arlo baby kamera verkleidet

Netatmo Outdoor HomeKit Security Camera

netatmo camera night

The Netatmo security camera is particularly suitable for outdoor surveillance. Not only is it weatherproof, but thanks to its restrained yet stylish design it fits well into buildings. The integrated light provides a good view in the evening and at night. However, it is only switched on when it is needed.

In addition, video surveillance can be used to define zones that are to be monitored and not monitored: If a door that is constantly open is not to be monitored, but the garage next to it is, this is possible with this camera.

netatmo camera