A surveillance or security camera for your home makes sense. Here we list HomeKit compatible models, after all you want to be able to control them with your iPhone and Siri.

Three classics: HomeKit cameras with good features

  • usable in a data secure manner
  • Aqara with built in hub
  • Logitech can be deactivated via switch
  • HomeKit Secure Video compatible

Three cameras with individual characteristics.

If you place the highest value on data privacy and only want a camera that connects to Apple’s SecureVideo service and no one else, the EVE camera is a good choice. The price for this is an outdated infrared technology, where you can see the LEDs when using it, and a below-average video quality, which should actually be much better nowadays. However, if data security outweighs the other two qualities, you should definitely buy it.

The Logitech offers a sturdy housing that can be tilted down to provide the camera with no image. In addition, it can be turned off with a switch.

The Logitech’s casing is waterproof, so it can also be used outdoors. The image quality is good. A good choice for a brand camera.

The Aqara comes into question if you also want a Zigbee hub and do not want to spend so much money. The G2H Pro can also be operated in pure HomeKit mode – firmware updates via the app in HomeKit mode are still possible. However, you will not have access to any advanced settings. These are only available with connection to the Aqara server. So either everything and with less privacy or the basic functions with more privacy.

HomeKit cameras for indoor

  • favorable
  • Partly motion detection
  • Models with microphone and speaker
  • HomeKit Secure Video compatible

There is a HomeKit camera for every purpose.

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Outdoors: HomeKit cameras for outdoor use

  • weatherproof
  • built-in light
  • HomeKit Secure Video compatible

Weatherproofing ensures safety at the door.

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Battery powered: Standalone WLAN HomeKit Cameras

  • Eufy models with own WLAN base and local memory
  • Connection of a solar cell possible
  • HomeKit Secure Video compatible

Very long battery runtimes depending on the intended use.

Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera| 4 Pack Bundle
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Eufy (sub-brand of Anker) offers its own cameras with their own Wi-Fi base, so that the installation is somewhat more flexible and incompatibilities with your own router are excluded. In addition, the base brings local storage, so that you can do without the cloud completely.

The app is very good, but it doesn’t make much sense to limit the devices completely to HomeKit SecureVideo. That would be better in terms of data protection, but access to the Eufy cameras via their own app would be better and faster. It’s up to you to decide.

By the way, the Pro models always offer a bit more resolution with 2K than the standard models.

Arlo also offers good cameras, which are also and especially suitable for cable-independent outdoor operation. Alternatively, there is also solar power supply.

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