Razer Core X external GPU enclosure with 100 Watt charging power

The Razer Core series previously included the Core V2 graphics card enclosure, now there is a new variant that is larger, more powerful and – surprise – cheaper!

Smart Home Review: Oittm Wifi Smart Plug Test

Today we test an affordable Alexa and Google Assistant compatible Wifi smart plug.

Wireless: Qi Charger and stackable batter pack for iPhone

There’s a handy product on Indiegogo: a Qi charger that lets you easily stack your battery and iPhone. The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: you come home, battery pack and iPhone are empty. Instead of connecting all to their charging cables, you simply place both devices on the Qi charging pad. The […]

Spigen offers iPhone X cases in iMac G3 design

For friends of the past, the case manufacturer Spigen now has a few iPhone cases in iMac G3 retro design. Spigen designed iPhone X cases in the classic design based on the colorful design of the G3 iMacs which are available on Indiegogo for pre-order. The iPhone X completely loses its minimalist design and makes […]

The new Mesh Era: AirPort Extreme Router Alternatives

If you are looking for a new wireless router and do not want to rely on Apple’s AirPort range, you will find a whole lot of great alternatives.

Made for 5K Monitors: Moshi USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

You have bought a 5K monitor and are now looking for a suitable cable to connect it to your USB-C MacBook? Moshi has one on offer.

StarTech Thunderbolt 3 Dual DisplayPort und HDMI Adapter

You want to connect two displays on one Thunderbolt 3 port? StarTech offers two new adapters for this purpose.

Test: Sony MDR-EX650AP In Ear Headphones and Headset Review

This new headset was a spontaneous buy. After a few days, however, we realized how good it is so we decided to write a review about it.

More Power: Battery Cases for your iPhone X

The iPhone X’ battery is pretty good and normally lasts a whole day and longer. What happens, however, if you have a very busy day with lots of tasks or you’d like to shoot long videos with it? A battery case will give you the additional capacity.

Ikea Hack: Qi charger for iPhone X invisible in nightstand

Today we try to merge two things: high tech charging for an iPhone X and an Ikea nightstand.