Sony CarPlay Receiver now offers iDatalink Maestro Support

Sony’s new CarPlay receiver XAV-AX210 now comes with iDatalink Maestro support. This means that you can also control the factory-fitted functions of your vehicle with the device.

Samsung SmartThings Wifi: Router and Smart Home Hub

Samsung introduced a hub for its Smart Home System SmartThings that is also a Mesh WLAN router.

Elegant Stand by Yohann makes the MacBook float

You want a stand for your MacBook so that the screen is slightly raised? But the stand should also look unbelievably good? Here’s something for you.

New eGPU from Apple for maximum graphics performance

Apple unveiled an external graphics solution yesterday as part of the launch of new MacBook Pro models.

Boost Charge Powerbank by Belkin with Lightning Port

There are few Powerbanks with Lightning input, which can be charged with the iPhone cable. Belkin now offers one of these.

Review: Affordable Mesh Wifi System Tenda Nova MW3 tested

The era of Mesh WLAN routers has dawned and we are testing the cheapest: the Tenda Nova MW3 as a set of two. So much is clear: for many users this may be what they need.

Lightweight luggage: USB-C charger and cables for traveling

MacBooks and other technical accessories are getting lighter and lighter, but do you need multiple power supplies to recharge the devices you take with you when you travel? With the right choice of power supply and clever combination with appropriate cables you can restore minimalist order and save weight at the same time.

Review: Blitzwolf PowerStorm 6700 mAh USB-C Powerbank tested

You need a small and lightweight powerbank, but it has to have a USB-C port for charging so you can use the MacBook power adapter for it? We found something for you.

Razer Core X external GPU enclosure with 100 Watt charging power

The Razer Core series previously included the Core V2 graphics card enclosure, now there is a new variant that is larger, more powerful and – surprise – cheaper!

Smart Home Review: Oittm Wifi Smart Plug Test

Today we test an affordable Alexa and Google Assistant compatible Wifi smart plug.