New Synology NAS DS1019+ with 5 hard drive bays

Synology has a new NAS on offer for anyone who wants to accommodate five hard drives: the DS1019+.

Modern Ethernet: USB-C network cable with RJ45 connector

You’re desperately looking for a network cable that has the normal RJ45 format at one end and a USB-C connector at the other to fit into your Macbook? We have found three alternatives for you.

Inexpensive and Good: Zyxel Managed Switch GS1200-5 and GS-1200-8

You are looking for a new switch for your home network and it should also be managed if possible so that you can configure VLANs? Then take a look at Zyxels models.

Anker presents very small USB-C charger with 30 Watt

You think the Apple 30 Watt USB-C power supply is small? Anker shows that it can be even smaller!

Network adapter for Lightning Port with Power over Ethernet function

Belkin has released an adapter for the Lightning port for professional users to connect devices to a wired network.

DrayTek VigorAP 903 WLAN Access Point with Mesh and App for Setup

DrayTek has updated its ac-enabled Wifi access point: the successor of the VigorAP 902 is called 903 and comes with some modern updates.

Modem for Supervectoring: DrayTek Vigor 165 masters VDSL 35b

If you are looking for a high-quality modem for a new VDSL connection with supervectoring, you will now find the DrayTek Vigor 165.

Grovemade has a new beautiful Apple Watch Dock

Would you like to put your Apple Watch on a nice wireless charger? Then the model from Grovemade comes into question for you.

Review Dell S2719DC: A conceptually simplified successor of the Thunderbolt Display tested

Apple no longer manufactures displays, but has committed itself to the USB-C standard. What could be more obvious than testing a monitor that takes over a few hub functions as a modern display? The Dell S2719DC is such a model.

Turntable with Bluetooth aptX-HD transmission: Cambridge Audio ALVA TT

Vinyl lovers like to have everything analogue. But what if you want to transfer music wirelessly from your turntable?