Belkin 6-in-1 Hub for the 24″ iMac to stick on

Belkin Muliport Hub iMac

Glue-on-hub for the 24″ iMac.

Especially the base model of the 24-inch iMac is a bit stingy with ports: Apple only provides two USB-C ports. If you need more ports after a while – including USB-A, which will probably never die out – you either need a hub underneath the iMac or you simply attach one to the back.

Belkin Muliport Hub iMac white

This is what Belkin thought of the 6-in-1 multiport hub. All ports are located on the right side, just like on old iMacs (like the drive and SD card slot back then). Thus, you have two USB-A and one USB-C port as well as a (micro)-SD card. On the inside of the hub, there is also a practical Ethernet port, which the smallest iMac does not have.

Those who missed the opportunity to buy the four-port version of the iMac can now make up for the strategic mistake for about 60 Dollars. Whether the hub is visually a feast for the eyes remains to be seen. We leave that to the eye of the beholder.

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