iPod Click Wheel as App on the iPhone

The older of you can still remember the navigation that was used to navigate the iPod: the Click Wheel.

Using an old Mac as a second display on your MacBook

Or any other Mac. In short, any Mac can be used as an additional display with any Mac.

Show WebP images under macOS

If you have images in WebP format, you need an extra program under macOS to display them.

How to use Aperture, iTunes and iPhoto under macOS Catalina

You like one of the mentioned software packages better than what comes under macOS Catalina? Then we show you how easy it is to run these programs on Apple’s latest operating system.

Sky: Children of the Light – Beautiful emotional iOS Game

We can recommend Sky: Children of the Light to anyone who has ever looked for the opposite of a shooter game.

Encrypt Data Before Uploading it to the Cloud with Crytomator

You’d like to use cloud storage because it’s so convenient, but don’t trust it due to lack of encryption? Then there is a simple solution for you: Cryptomator.

Mount FTP and Cloud Storage as Drives in macOS Finder

You have some SFTP and Cloud storage locations that you would like to mount as normal drives in the Finder? For this situation you can use Mountain Duck.

Free FTP, WebDAV and Cloud Storage Browser Program Cyberduck in Version 7

The popular program Cyberduck is now available in version 7 for download.

Review Arq Backup: One of the best backup programs for the Mac.

You’re still not doing a proper backup or you’re not completely satisfied with Time Machine? Arq Backup should make your life a lot easier.

Modern Navigation: feelers.spoils.blaze = TV Tower Berlin

Have you ever sent geocoordinates to meet somewhere? Probably not, because it’s too awkward. There is a solution for that: location information that simply consists of three words.