Review: Free Mac Backup Programm SmartBackup tested

Good backup programs must cost money? Not in this case.

ExactScan: Alternative Software and drivers for Fujitsu Scanner under Mojave

Users of Fujitsu scanners are somewhat out in the rain when using older models and cannot find up-to-date drivers. How about using another scanning program instead?

Optimized for one-hand operation: Opera touch Browser for iOS

Opera has introduced a mobile browser for iOS optimized for one-hand operation: Opera touch.

macOS Tutorial: How to install nextcloud on your Mac

You want to run nextcloud locally on your Mac and use it instead of macOS server? We show you the easiest way to do this.

Apple macOS Server Alternative: Univention Corporate Server

Apple has removed many features from the current macOS server version 5.7.1 as announced. We present you an alternative, which not only replaces the lost functions but brings even more functions.

VMware Fusion in Version 11: Support for Mojave and DirectX 10.1

The virtualization software VMWare Fusion is now available in version 11 and lots of improvements.

Where are the Siri Shortcuts on iOS 12?

You have updated to iOS 12 and are looking for the advertised shortcuts? Nothing easier than that.

Do-it-yourself: Where is the spirit level under iOS 12?

Looking for the spirit level in iOS 12? Apple has hidden it in another app.

Skype now allows the recording of video calls

Skype has a new function: it is now possible to record video calls.

Mac Office 2019 will only support the last three macOS versions

Microsoft will only support the last three current macOS operating system versions for Mac Office 2019.