Mactracker: All technical details about Apple products

You are an Apple fan and want to know about all Apple products? Then one app is essential: Mactracker.

Pock moves the dock on the MacBook to the Touch Bar

You like the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro, but you haven’t found the right killer app yet? It’s now available with Pock.

Remote Play App for the Sony PS4

Sony has released a remote play app that allows you to control your PlayStation 4 with your iPhone or iPad.

20 bucks saved: Thimbleweed Park to download for free

Epic Games give us a Click-and-Point Adventure: Thimbleweed Park, which costs otherwise 20 bucks.

For your own media: Plex Alternative emby

emby is a Plex alternative for all those who like to manage their media on their own server.

macOS: Eject multiple external drives at the same time

If you constantly have to eject several external drives, for example because they are attached to a dock, you want this to be done with a single click. And that’s exactly what you can do!

How to make NTFS drives writable under macOS?

Sometimes you get a disk that was formatted with the Windows file system NTFS and want to write more data on it? A small tool helps.

Review: Linux elementary OS on old MacBook – not really suitable

We have once again tested an alternative operating system on the Mac: elementary OS. The approach is good, but less suitable for use on older Mac hardware.

GIMP based Open Source image editor Seashore in the App Store

If you are looking for a small image editing software that is free and open source, Seashore may be the right choice for you.

macOS Tool: Switch to dark mode with Nightowl

The dark mode in macOS Mojave is cool and makes sense at night, but sometimes you want to enjoy the bright view? With the tool Nightowl you can switch easily.