Microsoft Outlook free for macOS

outlook for mac

You can use Outlook for free.

Microsoft is giving out the Outlook version for macOS to Mac users completely free of charge. No subscription or other purchase is required to use the full version.

So if you like Outlook or find it better than Apple’s mail (less likely) or Apple’s calendar (more likely), you can download it from the App Store on your Mac, which must be running at least macOS 11. If you pull the version from Apple’s App Store, Handoff also works with your iDevices.

outlook macos handoff

But there is a catch: Mails that are retrieved via modern IMAP run smoothly via Microsoft’s Cloud if you’re not careful when setting it up. That’s no good, of course, but you can use avoid that by Microsoft’s instructions. However, this requires some manual work and probably one or the other check after an update.

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