Review Aqara HomeKit Button: Practical, cheap, a good choice

Aqara HomeKit Button

A very good HomeKit button for your Aqara system.

Aqara Button


  • looks good
  • works very well
  • two glue pads included
  • possibility to check signal strength
  • fair price


  • clicking noise sounds a bit cheap


Aqara HomeKit Button reset button

Aqara HomeKit Button back

The HomeKit button from Aqara is a practical purchase for your home automation. It’s nothing special but does its job well.

Zigbee button for Aqara’s ecosystem

At first it looks pleasing and modern, without being particularly noticeable. This is an advantage with smart home accessories, after all they are installed in apartments that all differ in style. We connected our copy to the G2H camera and it worked perfectly. The range is sufficient for an apartment and if you want to test how far the small button transmits, you can use the small pairing/reset button to ask the hub for an acoustic message. So feel free to run around in the apartment and listen to see if the hub is still answering: this way you can get a good impression of the range.

Aqara Button in HomeKit

The button also appears in HomeKit immediately after it has been connected via the Aqara app. Of course, this is also possible in the app’s HomeKit mode if you don’t want to register with Aqara. Three states can be assigned: single pressure, double-click and long hold. So you have enough options to run your own scenes.

A button that works perfectly

The only negative thing we noticed is the clicking noise. It sounds a bit hollow and not really valuable. On the other hand: how long do you pay attention to it.

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The bottom line is that the button is basically a standard purchase for anyone who has an Aqara installation at home. Looks good, works perfectly, pairing is extremely easy and the price is fair. We have nothing to complain about.

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