New Dimmer: Philips Hue Tap Switch

Hue Tap Switch

A new cool Hue Tap Switch.

There is a new switch from Philips Hue: the Hue Tap Switch. It comes in colors white and black and thus doubles the color selection of Philips Hue switches.

Hue Tap Schalter

The functionality should also inspire many: there are four buttons that you can assign to your scenes and functions. An outer rotating ring serves as a dimmer – very practical.

Hue Dimmer black

The switch can be attached to the wall with a plate to which it adheres magnetically. It can therefore find a tidy place there, or you can take it with you to the sofa on occasion, so that it is always within reach.

The price is supposed to be just under $50. We assume that the Tap Switch will be a little cheaper in the market, but we think the price is reasonable for the many functions and the good Hue quality.

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