President Obama signes Deal with Netflix

President Obama has signed a deal with Netflix. In the negotiations for a series with him, Apple now gets nothing.

eMail encryption PGP and S/MIME not secure anymore

The two encryption techniques PGP and S/Mime are no longer secure, according to a report by the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Siri: Speech recognition can be manipulated with inaudible commands

Researchers from the USA and China have been able to operate speech recognition systems with frequencies that are inaudible to humans.

Steam Link App for Gaming on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV

The game provider Steam will soon release the Steam Link app. The app will make it possible to access the offered games from iOS Devices.

iOS 11.4 Restricted Mode: Lightning Port gets switched off

iOS 11.4 will come with a new security feature: Restricted Mode. This function can switch off the Lightning Port.

iOS 11.3 update: Some iPhone 7 microphones don’t work anymore

If you have installed iOS 11.3 on your iPhone 7 and the microphone does not work anymore, you should speak to Apple.

Face ID Repair: New rear facing camera necessary

When repairing Face ID in the iPhone X it may be necessary to swap the normal camera on the back. If that does not help, you will get a completely new smartphone.

Apple: More Revenue, Apple Pay in more countries

Apple has released the latest quarterly figures: The economic success has continued to grow.

Currently free: Shotty screenshot organizer App

If you make a lot of screenshots, you may be a bit bored by always finding them in the desktop folder. Try using Shotty instead!

Comment: Too bad the AirPorts are leaving

Apple decided to discontinue the AirPort router series. It’s a pity, because the devices have their place in many households.