Vega 20 in MacBook Pro 15: Open CL performance at Mac Pro level

Recently Apple introduced the option to have the Vega 20 graphics in your MacBook Pro 15: here are the benchmarks.

iCloud and Windows 10 Update 1809 are incompatible

Anyone using iCloud on a Windows 10 computer is currently running into problems.

New product positions explained: Mac mini, MacBook and MacBook Air

Many of Apple’s product names have become firmly established in our perception of order of Apple products over time. This concept has been mixed up with the latest releases. We bring back some order and show how to reoccupy the established names.

Update: Final Cut Pro X Introduces Third-Party Extensions

Final Cut Pro X has been enhanced with a powerful feature: the integration of third-party extension workflows.

Should I buy a MacBook Air 2018? No, rather buy a MacBook Pro 2017.

The headline already tells you what this article is about, we’ll explain it to you in great detail.

Controlled Product Life? T2 Chip Prevents Third-Party Mac Repair

Apple has confirmed that the T2 chips in newer Macs are also used to prevent repairs that are not performed by Apple.

ifixit makes a teardown of the iPad Pro 11″

ifixit shows us the new iPad Pro in the 11″ version from the inside.

Potential data loss: Service program for SSDs in 13″ MacBook Pro with function keys

If you have a 13-inch MacBook Pro with function keys and a 128GB or 256GB SSD, read on now.

iPhone X touchscreen not responding or making entries on its own > Replacement Program

Apple has launched a repair program for the iPhone X. It is aimed at owners whose iPhone X touchscreen is no longer functioning properly.

iMovie, Pages, Numbers and Keynote will get updates, Facebook will be cut down

Apple’s office applications all get an update.