Apple no longer sells 4K LG monitors

Apple has taken the LG 4K display off the market.

Shot on iPhone Video with Soundtrack by Megadeth

Apple has released a new “Shot on iPhone” video with Megadeth Soundtrack.

MacBook Air display gets brighter with an update

The display of the current MacBook Air 2018 hasn’t been characterized by high brightness yet. Apple has now changed this via software.

Apple shows new iPad Pro videos

Apple has released some new clips that emphasize the benefits of the iPad Pro.

Apple opens NFC functionality for Brexit App

In view of the Brexit for the British government, Apple has abandoned its strict attitude towards the use of the iPhone’s own NFC chip: Apple is opening the interface for a Brexit app.

When you buy a new Mac: data migration as a service now included

If you’re planning to buy a new Mac, you’ll get a handy service now: data migration from your old Mac to your new.

The HomePod becomes more affordable!

Apple lowers the HomePod price.

Video: Apple at Work — The Underdogs

Apple has released an entertaining promotional video with a story inspired by a true story.

Apple released (High) Sierra security updates a second time

Together with the update to macOS 10.14.4 there were also security updates for 10.12 Sierra and 10.13 High Sierra. This has now been released again.

Apple finally cancels AirPower charging mat

Long awaited, now it won’t come at all: Apple’s AirPower charging mat is finally canceled.