Kickstarter: Iconic Apple Products as plush pillows

Who hasn’t wanted to cuddle their iMac, right? With the appropriate cushion, it’s less weird now.

Upcoming iPhones could be cheaper, with up to 512 GB memory

The coming iPhone generation could be a little cheaper than the current iPhone X.

Deutsche Grammophon curates classical music in Apple Music

Friends of Deutsche Grammophon and classical music can look forward to a new area in Apple Music.

Apple is worth a trillion dollars

Apple is the first company in history whose market value reaches a trillion dollars.

Why not to buy the cheapest MacBook replacement batteries

Want to change the battery in your MacBook (Pro)? We tell you why you should not buy the cheapest offers on eBay or Amazon.

Apple opens first Store in Milan with new design

Apple has opened its first store in Milan. The building follows a new design structure.

MacBook Pro 2018 heat issue solved by software update

The i9 processor in the new MacBook Pro model could get very hot in first tests and then throttle their performance. Apple found says it has been a software bug and released an update.

Data recovery seems to be impossible with MacBook Pros 2018

Data recovery in the event of a defective logic board is apparently no longer possible with the 2018 models.

ifixit: Keyboard Teardown and dust test

ifixit has taken a very close look at the updated third generation of Apple’s Butterfly keyboard.

zollotech also notes throtteling of the 2018 MacBook Pro

The 2018 MacBook Pros are spreading, so more and more people can see what they’re doing. Currently zollotech has a new video on YouTube.