New HomeKit architecture available again

new homekit architecture

Home can be updated with Matter protocol.

With the recently introduced iOS 16.4 update, Apple has also reintroduced the possibility to update the HomeKit architecture (or in the future just “Home”).

In the Home app, there is an option to switch to the new architecture, which then also fully supports Matter. The first attempt some time ago failed grandiosely – so if you really have a lot of devices we would wait a bit and see what other users say.

upgrade apple home

It should be noted that then only users with an iPhone can control the Home, which are on iOS 16. Older devices will no longer have access, because they can’t handle the Matter protocol and will be completely excluded. It is also no longer possible to set up an iPad as a Home control center, or a device currently set up with it will then lose the ability to act as a hub. So as long as you simply rely on HomeKit and you can do without Thread (wireless standard) and Matter (protocol), you can also do without updating the architecture. If you do want to upgrade, you will need a new hub: A HomePod or an Apple TV is suitable for this.

2 thoughts on “New HomeKit architecture available again

  1. Thanks for the info, wish I had read this prior and not upgraded Homekit yet.
    Now my early Monterey MacBook Pro early 2015 no longer works with Homekit
    All other Homekit devices work fine.
    I wish there was a work around fix, I willing to try anything

    I have customers that will have the same issues, should they upgrade every device but their Mac’s ??

    1. If they can live without Matter devices and stick to purely Home Kit I would suggest not to upgrade if you use older devices. If everything works, don’t touch it.

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