HomePod annoys with tune in jingle when playing radio stations

HomePod mini LED

Home Pod now plays advertising jingles.

Our Home Pod currently has a new annoying habit: when playing radio stations, there is now a Tune In jingle before the stream. In the best 80s Soundblaster manner, “Tune In, ding dong” is played. In addition to the information from Siri that Tune In is playing. Tune In, get it?

We hope that this is just an out-of-control attempt by Apple and that it will be quickly withdrawn. If it’s not, the Home Pod flies out of the kitchen for good. Aside from the fact that calling up radio stations still doesn’t work flawlessly, pushing in duplicate ads for a service just isn’t what you expect from Apple anymore. We were among the customers who pay more and expect problem-free function and no nagging in return. The former was never the case with the Home Pod, and if the usual advertising bluster is now added to the mix, the second important criterion for the brand can apparently also be eliminated.

But we really hope we’re wrong and this jingle is really just a test run. Write us below if it’s the same for you.

2 thoughts on “HomePod annoys with tune in jingle when playing radio stations

  1. My HomePods started to do the same, and as of today it even plays a commercial after that! Horrible! It’s the exact thing that made me throw out my Sonos in favor of a HomePod last year. I don’t understand why Apple allows this. I’m hoping they will come with an alternative radio service…

    1. Hi Jos,
      yes, I can understand that very good. The ads did not hit me yet, maybe it comes in waves…
      I called Apple and they said they are “cannot influence” for what comes from Tune In. It seems Tune In did negotiate better than Apple in this cooperation. But – as you – I still blame Apple for that.

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