Large MacBook Air 15.3″ with M2 unveiled

apple wwdc23 macbook air 15 in color lineup 230605

Finally a big MacBook Air!

Apple finally introduces a new MacBook Air that many wanted – in 15.3″! This makes it the thinnest 15″ laptop in the world.

Ports remain the same: one MagSafe, two Thunderbolt. The camera is also 1080p as known. Six speakers are on board for audio output. The chip is the already known M2.

apple wwdc23 macbook air 15 in affinity designer 230605

For the price of $1299, the device should sell like hot cakes. It should be the new “normal” laptop for everyone. If 13″ are too small or if it would simply be more convenient to have a larger display without having any use for the computing power of a MacBook Pro – then the 15″ Air is ideal.

By the way, the small Macbook Air will become $100 cheaper.

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