HomeKit Problems with Netgear Orbi? Firmwareupdate!

Do you have problems with the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi mesh system and some HomeKit devices since the last update? Then it’s time to update again.

iOS 11.4 Restricted Mode: Lightning Port gets switched off

iOS 11.4 will come with a new security feature: Restricted Mode. This function can switch off the Lightning Port.

Made for 5K Monitors: Moshi USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

You have bought a 5K monitor and are now looking for a suitable cable to connect it to your USB-C MacBook? Moshi has one on offer.

StarTech Thunderbolt 3 Dual DisplayPort und HDMI Adapter

You want to connect two displays on one Thunderbolt 3 port? StarTech offers two new adapters for this purpose.

iOS 11.3 update: Some iPhone 7 microphones don’t work anymore

If you have installed iOS 11.3 on your iPhone 7 and the microphone does not work anymore, you should speak to Apple.

Face ID Repair: New rear facing camera necessary

When repairing Face ID in the iPhone X it may be necessary to swap the normal camera on the back. If that does not help, you will get a completely new smartphone.

Paradox: A Cube Escape Game & Rusty Lake Short Film

Everybody who knows the escape room games from the Rusty Lake universe, will be thrilled: there will soon be a new game and a short film, too.

Petition demands better keyboards for MacBook Pro

A petition on change.org wants Apple to swap keyboards in MacBook Pros.

Spotify has twice as many paid users as Apple Music

User numbers, who also pay for a monthly subscription, are about twice as high with Spotify as with Apple.

Apple: More Revenue, Apple Pay in more countries

Apple has released the latest quarterly figures: The economic success has continued to grow.