Apple hires former Microsoft Manager for HomeKit

Apple is working to make the Smart Home segment more successful with its own HomeKit standard. The company is currently hiring a former Microsoft manager.

New DD-WRT Firmware for ancient router WHR-HP-54 from Buffalo

You still have an old router in your kit and want to throw it away? We have a better alternative!

Apple will sell iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany again – with Qualcomm Chips

Apple is about to sell iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany again – in a modified version with Qualcomm chips.

This week free subway rides in Berlin if you pay wirelessly

This week you can take the BVG train for free in Berlin. Prerequisite: You have to pay wirelessly at the ticket machine with the MasterCard.

Internet Radio: How to Add Radio Streams to iTunes

Want to listen to your favorite radio station on iTunes? No problem, you have two options.

Netgear Switch GS105Ev2 with german and japanese interface

The small and popular managed switch Netgear GS105E v2 can be taught in German and Japanese with a firmware update.

Modern Ethernet: USB-C network cable with RJ45 connector

You’re desperately looking for a network cable that has the normal RJ45 format at one end and a USB-C connector at the other to fit into your Macbook? We have found three alternatives for you.

Inexpensive and Good: Zyxel Managed Switch GS1200-5 and GS-1200-8

You are looking for a new switch for your home network and it should also be managed if possible so that you can configure VLANs? Then take a look at Zyxels models.

macOS Tool: Switch to dark mode with Nightowl

The dark mode in macOS Mojave is cool and makes sense at night, but sometimes you want to enjoy the bright view? With the tool Nightowl you can switch easily.

Connection Issues and Audio Noise with MacBook Pro 2018

With the MacBook Pro 2018, there can be occasional problems with sound reproduction in conjunction with professional audio equipment.