Shot on iPhone Video with Soundtrack by Megadeth

Apple has released a new “Shot on iPhone” video with Megadeth Soundtrack.

Enable Jumbo Frames on a DrayTek Router

If you have a DrayTek router with gigabit switch, you can manually enable support for jumbo frames.

MacBook Air display gets brighter with an update

The display of the current MacBook Air 2018 hasn’t been characterized by high brightness yet. Apple has now changed this via software.

How to: Request Desktop Website on iPad, iPhone, iOS

You surf the net and always get the right website for your device displayed. But sometimes you want to see the desktop version. We show you how.

Apple shows new iPad Pro videos

Apple has released some new clips that emphasize the benefits of the iPad Pro.

EU Council votes for new copyright law, small adjustment

The new copyright law in the EU (formerly Article 13, now 17), which has been viewed critically by many, has now also been given green light by the EU Council.

Mactracker: All technical details about Apple products

You are an Apple fan and want to know about all Apple products? Then one app is essential: Mactracker.

Geoblocking: forbidden when shopping online, allowed on YouTube

Geoblocking hides certain videos in Europe on YouTube from you when you are in a certain country. Is that allowed? And how do you fight it?

Streaming: Netflix increases prices by up to 18%

Netflix is raising its prices with immediate effect.

Find hidden gems on YouTube with VPN connection

As you know, geoblocking filters are spreading, i.e. excluding certain countries from a video on YouTube. That’s annoying, but at least it’s displayed. Now there are also hidden videos that are not even listed. We’ll show you a way to find them.