OpenCore Legacy Patcher: 0.6.6: New design and features

opencore legacy patcher options

Upgrading old Macs with new software is becoming easier and easier.

The OpenCore Legacy Patcher is available in version 0.6.6, bringing with it a new design and handy new features. The small program is an extremely helpful solution when it comes to providing older Macs that are no longer supported by Apple with the latest operating system – simply because it is sustainable (by the way, if you are looking for spare parts, you will find them here on

A few essential things have been improved in the current version: Firstly, the time for root patching. This is now shorter and everything is a bit snappier. Furthermore, you can now update the patcher program yourself without having to download the new version every time and then copy it over the old one. Another clear step to better usability for everyday use.

opencore legacy patcher 0.6.6

Furthermore, the design has been heavily modified. Instead of a minimalistic nerd tool, one can now speak of a full-fledged program in which all available options are clearly displayed. A great achievement by the development team.

Here on github you can download the current version.

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