Apple opens NFC functionality for Brexit App

In view of the Brexit for the British government, Apple has abandoned its strict attitude towards the use of the iPhone’s own NFC chip: Apple is opening the interface for a Brexit app.

Opera Browser now in version 60

A browser alternative on the Mac is now 60: Opera.

When you buy a new Mac: data migration as a service now included

If you’re planning to buy a new Mac, you’ll get a handy service now: data migration from your old Mac to your new.

SYMFONSIK: Ikea and Sonos launch joint loudspeakers

The loudspeaker manufacturer Sonos and the furniture store Ikea are working together to bring two networkable loudspeakers onto the market.

Steam: Call of Duty Black Ops III available for the Mac

If you game on the Mac, you can now enjoy a classic: Call of Duty Black Ops III is now available for the Mac.

Netflix kills AirPlay Support

Netflix has completely eliminated the AirPlay support with the latest iOS App.

Apple Pencil Alternative for iPad and iPad Pro: Logitech Crayon

Looking for an alternative stylus to the Apple Pencil that works on both the iPad and the iPad Pro?

The HomePod becomes more affordable!

Apple lowers the HomePod price.

Plex revises App Design for Apple TV

Plex has revised the user interface for the Apple TV.

Video: Apple at Work — The Underdogs

Apple has released an entertaining promotional video with a story inspired by a true story.