Face ID Dot projector repair without soldering

face id repair rewa

If the dot projector is not working there is now a simple fix.

If the Face ID is damaged and not working, there were only two options: an expensive repair at Apple or a cheap one at an independent repair shop. However, the latter was always associated with soldering work, since the chips used are always coupled to the board.

Now the repair company Rewa has presented a third option that works if the dot projector no longer works. The Dot Projector is the part of Face ID that throws lots of infrared dots onto your face to recognize you. If another part of the Face ID is broken, this method will not work. However, the majority of defective Face IDs are likely to be due to a broken Dot projector. Watch the video to determine how to narrow down the cause.

Rewa’s solution is to plug a small cable between Face ID and the board that can be programmed with a REFOX RP30 programmer. For this purpose, the actually defective Face ID module can be read out. The intermediate cable creates a kind of redirection so that the Dot projector works again.

This means that a large part of all Face ID defects can now be repaired relatively easily. Note that this currently only applies to the iPhone series X to 12 Max. There is still no solution yet for newer devices.

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