Baseus 3 in 1 Cable: Lightning, Micro & USB-C, 3 Ampere

3 in 1 cables usually do not support enough power to charge power-hungry devices quickly. The Baseus 3 in 1 cable is supposed to change that.

Where are the Siri Shortcuts on iOS 12?

You have updated to iOS 12 and are looking for the advertised shortcuts? Nothing easier than that.

Bluetooth symbol in iOS 12 has disappeared – on purpose

Everybody who has wondered where the Bluetooth symbol has gone when short-distance radio is switched on, should be told: it has been abolished.

FixjeiPhone: Dutch repair site creates first iPhone Xs Teardown

This time the Dutch were faster: The repair site FixjeiPhone from the Netherlands dismantled the iPhone Xs first.

iPhone X and Xs have slightly different dimensions

iPhone X and Xs may look exactly the same to the human eye, but the camera’s notch on the back has slightly different dimensions.

Glossy colorful cases for iPhone Xs and Xs

Colourful covers sometimes look a bit out of place. It gets cool when they are well done.

iOS file sharing for macOS server finally disappears

If you wonder where the file sharing for your macOS server has gone in iOS 12, we have an answer for you: to nirvana.

Unhealthy air in Berlin: iOS 12 now shows the air quality

The weather app and weather widget in iOS 12 display a new weather category: air quality.

iOS 12 accelerates iPhone 7 moderately and 5s significantly

With iOS 12, Apple had set themselfs the goal of speeding up iOS during development. And that was very well done.

Do-it-yourself: Where is the spirit level under iOS 12?

Looking for the spirit level in iOS 12? Apple has hidden it in another app.