Hack: Use other hard drives in Western Digital My Book enclosure

Maybe you used the drive from a Western Digital My Book enclosure in your NAS and now you have a spare one. The problem until now was, that the controller board didn’t accept third party drives to function with. We found a hack that changes the situation.

DIY: Replace hard drive in My Book Studio Firewire enclosure

You own a beautiful Western Digital My Book Studio aluminum enclosure with Firewire ports, but the hard drive failed? Between pure despair and new life stand just a few screws. Let’s start!

USB 3.0 3.1 to Mini-B: The connector that (doesn’t) exist

There are a lot of USB connectors that got standardised over time. Some do not exist officially, but are sold anyway. We show you a quite interesting current one.

Internet Recovery now allows for newest macOS version

Often wished for, finally made possible by Apple: From now on you can use Internet Recovery to install the newest available macOS version.

Mac and iPhone: How to establish VPN, use secure connections in open Wifi networks

Today we show you how you can increase your security while surfing, for example when you are using the free Wifi network in your favourite café or hotel.

Mac beeps during software update. Stay brave!

A now software update is available, but during the first reboot makes some frightning beep sound? Don’t be afraid, we tell you the reason for this behaviour.

How to: Show Wifi Detail Info

Your are connected to your Wifi but you need immediate access to some more technical detail? Here is how!

Apple power supply: How to prevent fried cables with tape

Everybody owning an Apple power supply knows the problem: it looks nice but with everyday use you get the feeling that the design aspect won over longevity.

How to wind up your MacBook power cord correctly

You might think “What? I don’t need instructions for that, I can do that by myself!” Sure, but Apple power supplies have a tendency for broken cables, so here are a tipps for a longer cable life.

How to replace missing MacBook Keys

It seems to happen more often than you think: your cat or dog plays with your MacBook keyboard, a child is a bit too curious and before you can do anything you are missing a key. Besides the fact that you can’t type comfortably anymore, it also looks unpleasant.