Updates: macOS 10.14.3, iOS 12.1.3, watchOS 5.1.3 and tvOS 12.1.2

Apple has released operating system updates for every system.

Parallels Desktop Lite 1.4.0 cancels free use for Linux and macOS

Anyone who has used the Parallels Desktop Lite version available in the Mac App Store to virtualize macOS or Linux on their macOS will have to pay for it in the future.

“Everyone can create”: Free Apple Books

If you’re looking for a little inspiration on how best to use an iPad and get your creativity going, Apple has four free books for you.

New How-to-Videos for iPad Pro

Apple has shared a few new how-to videos about using the iPad Pro.

Apple sells iPhone SE at a special price – in the USA

Apple has put the iPhone SE back on sale at short notice – at a special price.

The MacBook Pro display turns black again when you open it. Flexgate?

There’s a new *gate being chased through the internet: Flexgate. It describes the fact that some MacBook Pros black out the display when it is opened at a certain angle.

Apple’s new Battery Cases offer more energy than before

You may have read that the capacity of the new Smart Cases for iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr has decreased. That’s true. But don’t be angry: they can still store more energy.

Smart Battery Case for iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr

Apple has released three new battery cases that fit the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr.

DuckDuckGo uses Apple Maps for search results

Our favorite search engine DuckDuckGo now uses Apple Maps for more detailed search results.

Apple changed ten times more batteries in 2018 than usual.

Apple’s special offer on battery replacement for used iPhones has resulted in ten times more batteries being replaced than usual.