Doubletap in iOS 13.2 back again – kind of

The double tap that makes it possible to enlarge screen contents quickly is back with iOS 13.2 – at least in one direction.

Adobe Photoshop available for iPadOS

Adobe has now extended its Photoshop universe to the iPad.

Streaming service: Apple TV+ launches today

Apple’s new streaming service Apple TV+ is now online.

Nello saved: Merger with SCLAK

The company Nello, which sells the smart door opener Nello One, joins forces with the Italian manufacturer SCLAK.

AirPods Pro require iOS13, macOS Catalina or watchOS 6

If you want to buy the new AirPods Pro, make sure that your remaining hardware runs with the latest software.

New AirPods Pro are also disposable products

ifixit took apart new AirPods Pro in a teardown of Apple. Not surprisingly: the AirPods Pro are ready for the garbage after two years.

How to use Aperture, iTunes and iPhoto under macOS Catalina

You like one of the mentioned software packages better than what comes under macOS Catalina? Then we show you how easy it is to run these programs on Apple’s latest operating system.

Caution: Apple prohibits coupling of Apple Watches with old iPhones

A warning from us, if you use an Apple Watch together with an iOS 12 iPhone: as soon as you unpair them, the two devices can no longer be connected!

watchOS 5.3.3 Update for Apple Watches on older iOS 12 iPhones

Apple seems to be serious about providing support even for older devices: After a watchOS 6 update came out now also the watchOS 5 version is maintained further.

New software: watchOS also for Series 1 & 2, macOS updates

From now on macOS can be loaded in version 10.15.1 and watchOS also makes it in version 6.1 to the watches of series 1 and 2.