How long does a smartphone with a foldable display last?

Smartphones with a foldable display? Some may ask themselves how long this should last. Samsung now answers this question.

New 5K iMac significantly faster than predecessor

The new iMac models have a new interior, and that’s a lot faster than before.

Synology Updates Disc Station Manager to 6.2.2

Synology has updated the operating system of its NAS systems to 6.2.2. In addition to some security improvements, there are also a few new features.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) on Apple Watch in Europe and Hong Kong

Apple has now unlocked the electrocardiogram (ECG) function on the Apple Watch for countries in Europe and Hong Kong.

Mojave Patcher Tool for old Macs now for macOS 10.14.4

If you have an old Mac on which macOS Mojave is officially no longer supported, you can use the Mojave Patcher Tool.

Our monitor recommendations for Mac and MacBook

Since Apple (currently) no longer manufactures its own display, you are dependent on other manufacturers when it comes to an external monitor. We have selected the most interesting ones in different categories.

Photos: Preview finally again with spacebar under 10.14.4

Apple takes a very pleasant step back with the update to macOS Mojave 10.14.4: the preview in photos is finally possible again with the space bar.

Shortcuts App and Apple TV Remote App updated

Apple has updated two small but nice apps.

macOS Server Update to Version 5.8

Apple has released a macOS Server update to version 5.8.

Absolute control: EU Parliament votes for upload filters

Today the EU Parliament voted for a reform of copyright law and thus indirectly also for upload filters.