Review Dell S2719DC: A conceptually simplified successor of the Thunderbolt Display tested

Apple no longer manufactures displays, but has committed itself to the USB-C standard. What could be more obvious than testing a monitor that takes over a few hub functions as a modern display? The Dell S2719DC is such a model.

Turntable with Bluetooth aptX-HD transmission: Cambridge Audio ALVA TT

Vinyl lovers like to have everything analogue. But what if you want to transfer music wirelessly from your turntable?

For on the go: Small travel chargers with battery for the Apple Watch

Charging the Apple Watch on the go is easier if you have a small battery with you that charges the Apple Watch directly when you hang it up. We’ll show you some options.

Apple’s AirPower charging mat is allegedly already in production

We’ve been waiting a long time for Apple’s wireless AirPower charging mat, now it seems to be in production.

Statement from Ring on the accessibility of surveillance videos

We reported yesterday that there was an accusation that surveillance videos had been seen by Ring employees to an unlimited extent. Ring contacted us with a statement.

Videos from Ring security cameras possibly accessible

Recorded surveillance videos from Ring cameras stored in the cloud appear to be viewable by company employees.

Alternatives to the Apple USB-C Power Supply with 30, 61 and 87 Watts

Want to buy a second power supply for your MacBook and save some money? There are a few alternatives that even come with a cable.

Pioneer SPH-10BT car radio uses iPhone as display

If you want to retrofit a modern radio/navi in your older car, have only one DIN bay available and don’t want to spend a lot of money, you might be in the target group for Pioneer’s SPH-10BT.

New weatherproof Philips Hue outdoor luminaires launched

Philips has expanded its Hue range of lamps to include a number of outdoor luminaires.

These TV models are officially the first to feature AirPlay 2.

Apple has published an official list which names all AirPlay 2 models.