Stamp synchronizes your playlists between streaming services

You have created extensive playlists in your music streaming service and would like to transfer them to another service? With Stamp this is possible.

Alexa for the TV: Amazon introduces Fire TV Cube

Amazon presents a new device in the Fire TV series: the Cube.

New important Firmware Update for DrayTek Routers

DrayTek points out an important firmware update that closes a security hole.

DVD player survives the switch to 64 bit

The DVD Player App survives Apple’s planned switch to 64 bit.

iOS 12 in the beta version is already faster than iOS 11

The first beta version of iOS 12 is out and there are already the first comparison tests with iOS 11. iOS 12 actually brings a small speed advantage.

Apple replaces 29 Watt USB-C power supply with 30 Watt version

Silently and secretly Apple has made the smallest USB-C power supply a little stronger.

Macs for macOS Mojave 10.14 have to be from 2012 or younger

Apple’s upcoming version of macOS places higher demands on the hardware and will therefore leave older hardware behind.

News for iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS & macOS 10.14

First of all, the best about iOS 12: It runs on all devices that also run iOS 11 and it will be – faster! According to Apple, apps should load up to twice as fast.

WWDC today: New software, new hardware?

Today is again the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. And we expect some interesting innovations.

Leak: Dark Mode in macOS 10.14?

It looks like macOS 10.14 comes with a dark mode.