Powerbeats Pro Bluetooth Earphones now also available in Great Britain

Apple now offers the Bluetooth earphones Powerbeats Pro in Great Britain.

Anker USB-C to Lightning Audio-Adapter

Want to use your iPhone Lightning headphones on your MacBook? There’s an adapter for that!

For security: AirPort Router Firmware Update 7.9.1

Apple has released a firmware update for the AirPort Router series.

Apple Pay introduced in New York Subway

From Friday on it will be possible to use Apple Pay as access to the system in the New York subway.

Many iPad Pro models on Sale on Amazon right now

You are about to buy a new iPad? Why not check the current offers on Amazon.

Microsoft Malware and Virus Scanner for the Mac

Microsoft has introduced a malware and virus scanner for the Mac.

New iPod touch with 4″ display and 3.5mm headphone jack

Apple has updated the iPod touch. It’s now twice as fast as before.

2019: The Ideal Bargain MacBook is a Used Pro from 2016

You have a very limited budget, but still want to have a MacBook without sacrificing reasonable equipment and a little longer-term security for technical components? Then a used MacBook Pro 2016 is the current sweet spot.

Fourth generation MacBook Butterfly Keyboard from new material

ifixit has taken the new MacBook Pro 2019 apart and paid special attention to the fourth generation of the Butterfly Keyboard.

5 & 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter for Mac, Long Optical Thunderbolt Cable

You need speed in your network? If you don’t have an iMac Pro or Mac mini with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port, you’ll need an adapter. We’ll show you a few.