New 16s versions for iPad, iPhone and HomePod

HomePod Software 16.1

Matter compatibility is beeing introduced.

The iPad gets the 16 version of iPadOS for the first time. The iPhone gets an update to iOS 16.1, introducing the Matter standard for the Smart Home. The same happens with version 16.1 for the HomePod.

This means that the manufacturer-independent Matter standard can now be used in the Apple Smart Home – the HomePod mini has been able to use Thread as a radio standard for some time. Take care in the Home app on the iPad if you use it as the central control unit: If you switch to Matter, an iPad can no longer be used as a control centre.

The iPad can now come up with Stange Manager and a weather app. For professionals, the new type of window management should make sense, all others should update due to the security updates included.

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