Round table repair: EU and Google respond to criticism

The Round Table Repair, an association of environmental associations, consumer advocates, representatives of the repairing industry, the manufacturing industry, science and repair initiatives has received feedback from your Google Criticism of the EU.

Transporter App: One solution to upload content to Apple

Do you create content that shall find its way to Apple? Then there is now a central solution.

Supplemental Update for macOS Catalina

There is a first update for Catalina with which Apple wants to fix the first major bugs.

macOS 10.13: iCloud Synchronisation does not work for Pages, Numbers, Keynote

You have a new iPhone but an old Mac? Then the sync of documents in Pages, Numbers and Keynote is no longer possible.

eyeTV 4 as beta version for macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina is here and 32 bit programs are no longer supported. Some new software was not finished in time, eyeTV for example. But you can download a beta version of eyeTV 4 in the 64 bit version.

Does not start anyore: macOS Catalina might brick your Mac

To brick is the English colloquial expression for the fact that your Mac becomes a brick because it gets unusable. Apparently in some cases this is exactly what happens with the Catalina update.

Reminders App drops CalDAV Support under macOS Catalina

The reminders app loses its ability to be adjusted via CalDAV after an update to the new version.

macOS Catalina: Possible data loss in Apple Mail

With the current mail version under macOS Catalia there can be data loss. emails can simply disappear.

AI Translator DeepL now as Mac app

You have a lot of texts to translate? Then you need two things: a clever translation engine and the convenience of a native macOS program. DeepL brings both together.

Catalina: SAT>IP eyeTV Television Software Alternative for macOS

You are looking for a TV software for macOS that runs under 10.15 Catalina? eyeTV will be adjusted in a little while but you need a solution immediately? No problem if you have SAT>IP devices at home.