Own DIY Cloud backup solution with 8 TB hard disk and Synology

You like online backups, but have a lot of data, so it would be cheaper for you to build your own solution? We will show you which components are suitable and how to set up everything.

Fix: macOS 10.14 Mojave SMB does not work, Finder crashes

If you want to use Mojave SMB as file sharing protocol with macOS 10.14, you might have the problem that the Finder hangs.

iOS 13? Use Dark Mode and Swype Keyboard now!

With the announcement of iOS 13, Apple has promised a system-wide dark mode and a Swype keyboard. But both functions can also be used under iOS 12.

No iOS 13 for iPhone 5s and 6, no macOS 10.15 for Mac Pro 2012

The upcoming iOS and macOS generation again excludes some old devices from the update. Unfortunately these devices are no longer included: iPhone 5s and 6 as well as the Mac Pro 2012.

macOS 10.15 Catalina: no iTunes anymore, complete voice control

Apple’s new macOS version 10.15 will be called Catalina and seal the farewell of iTunes.

New Mac Pro 2019 with modular design, Pro Display XDR

Apple has introduced a new Mac Pro with a modular design.

All new: watchOS, iPad OS, HomeKit Cameras, iOS 13

Apple has added new features to all operating systems!

“Back to my Mac” will be discontinued

The function “Back to my Mac”, which made it possible under macOS to access your Mac while on the go, gets cancelled.

Powerbeats Pro Bluetooth Earphones now also available in Great Britain

Apple now offers the Bluetooth earphones Powerbeats Pro in Great Britain.

Anker USB-C to Lightning Audio-Adapter

Want to use your iPhone Lightning headphones on your MacBook? There’s an adapter for that!