Official Twitter App now as Catalyst App on macOS Catalina

Twitter has released an official app for macOS.

Nello One door lock: insolvency – and the cloud is shut down

Anyone who has a Nello One extension at home on their intercom should be warned: in a week Nello will switch off the cloud access required for operation.

New versions of macOS Server and Configurator 2

If you have many Apple devices to manage, you can do this with Apple Configurator 2 and macOS Server. Both have now been updated.

Catalina: How to enable home sharing for music

iTunes is dead, long live music and Apple TV! If you are looking for media sharing or home sharing for music and movies in the new arrangement under macOS 10.15 Catalina, you have to search in a different place than usual.

Sidecar Compatible Macs and iPads + Tips for Older Devices

Sidecar, the new feature for iPads to be used as another display on a Mac under macOS Catalina, sets certain technical requirements. We’ll tell you what and what you can do when your devices are older.

iTunes replacement good, remote and backwards compatibility not available

The first thing we did was to get rid of iTunes and replace it with music, podcasts and Apple TV. Good: the splitting makes sense. Bad: the remote control doesn’t work.

macOS Catalina is here! With Arcade and Sidecar, without 32 bit.

Now you can download the latest version of Apple’s Mac operating system macOS: 10.15 Catalina.

iOS: Spotify can now be controlled via Siri on the iPhone and iPad

The latest version of Spotify for iOS comes with a nice extension: voice control via Siri.

iOS 13: Change and enlarge font size in Safari Browser

Finally you can change the font size on the iPhone and iPad under iOS 13 in the browser. Safari now allows you to zoom in and out on letters.

iPhone 6s does not turn on: Repair program for models from 2018/2019

Those who have a relative young iPhone 6s that can no longer be switched on can be lucky: Apple has launched a repair program for the iPhone classic.