New iPad Pro with USB-C but without audio output

Both sizes of the new iPad Pro have lost the Lightning as well as the 3.5mm audio port. But now there is USB-C.

New iPad Pro without Home Button and extreme computing power

The iPad Pro has undergone a complete overhaul: The Home button is gone and the computing power is extremely high.

New MacBook Air with Retina Display and Mac mini with More Power

Apple has introduced a new MacBook Air Retina and has given Mac mini much more performance.

Apple Store before event offline: Waiting for many new products today

Apple has taken the online store offline. An unmistakable sign for the new products that will be presented today.

DockCase Adapter: Pluggable USB hub and HDMI output for MacBook power adapter

Older ports than USB-C ports are always in daily use. For those who are tired of separate dongles or smaller hubs, the DockCase adapter for direct connection to the MacBook power supply might be the right alternative.

We expect new Macs and iPads next Tuesday

Next Tuesday is another Apple event where new hardware is expected. At the top of the expectation list: new Macs.

ToothFairy: Connecting AirPods to your Mac Easier + Better Sound Quality

Those who want to use their AirPods via Bluetooth on their Mac will have already noticed that the switching is not as fast as it could be. In addition, the audio quality is limited if you use the built-in microphone.

macOS: How to automatically mount network drives on startup

You have a small server or a NAS and you want to connect this network drive automatically when starting macOS? It is very simple if you know how.

macOS Shortcut “Lock Screen” set up ergonomically correct

You want to lock the screen when leaving the Mac so that nobody has access to your data? From macOS 10.13 High Sierra on no problem, Apple has even provided a shortcut for it. We’ll show you how to customize it so that you can press it quickly with one hand.

Prices for iPhone Xr Display Repair: Cheaper than Xs

Apple has two categories of iPhone repairs: Only display repair or replacement of the entire device. The new Xr has lower prices than the Xs and Xs Max.