HomeKit compatible blinds from Ikea – battery operated!

Ikea has some good and cheap HomeKit compatible things on offer. Now there are also two remote controllable roller blinds.

Samsung Smart TVs get AirPlay 2 – 2018 models via update

Samsung and Apple have a big surprise: Samsung will introduce AirPlay 2 on its Smart TVs, Apple’s streaming protocol.

WhatsApp shortcut: Private answers from the group chat

WhatsApp has introduced a small improvement with the latest update: You can directly answer privately from group chats to one person.

Update: Synology devices have major security vulnerabilities

If you have a Synology device running, such as a NAS, you should urgently update the software.

Apple share falls significantly after profit warning

Apple published a letter to investors and mentions a turnover of 84 billion US dollars, significantly less than the expected 89 to 93 billion. As a result, the share lost around ten percent in value.

Germany: Apple takes iPhone 7 and 8 off the market

Qualcomm and Apple are in litigation. Apple is therefore currently not allowed to sell iPhone series 7 and 8 in Germany.

HomeKit: IKEA and Xiaomi introduce mutual compatibility

HomeKit devices are often forced to be compatible with your Apple devices, but cross-manufacturer compatibility is rare. However, IKEA and Xiaomi are now starting to work together.

IINA: Free Open Source Video Player for macOS

VLC as a video player for the most diverse formats to be known, now there is a new alternative: IINA.

Netflix In-App-Subscriptions no longer possible

Netflix removed the possibility to buy a subscription for its video streaming service from inside an iOS app.

Discounts on iPhones: Apple Launches Trade-in Program

Apple offers instant discounts on iPhone Xr and iPhone Xs when you trade in your old iPhone.