Apple Extends Keyboard Repair Program to Just Introduced MacBook Pro

Anyone who has problems with the keyboard in their MacBook can now turn to Apple for any model that uses the butterfly mechanism.

MacBook Pro 2016: Display Backlight Repair Program

Many of the 2016 MacBook Pro models are affected by display lighting failures. Apple has now launched a repair program.

New LG 4K Thunderbolt 3 Display USB-C compatible, not Thunderbolt 2

Apple and LG have replaced the well-known 4K UltraFine monitor with a new model. This is compatible with more devices, but has some limitations.

MacBook Pros Updated, 15″ Now With 8-Core Processor

Apple has updated some MacBook Pro models. The 15″ now optionally comes with an 8-core processor.

Review Arq Backup: One of the best backup programs for the Mac.

You’re still not doing a proper backup or you’re not completely satisfied with Time Machine? Arq Backup should make your life a lot easier.

Review: Synology DS115j vs. DS119j tested

Synology’s smallest disk station is currently the DS119j. We have compared it to the discontinued DS115j and tell you if it is a good buy.

Buy movies/series on iTunes or Blu-Ray/DVD?

If you like movies and series and collect them, you might wonder what the better source is for buying content: old-fashioned optical discs like Blu-Rays and DVDs, or downloadable offers like the iTunes Store.

Steam Link App: Stream games from Mac to iPhone

Steam got their own link app into the App Store after some arguments with Apple.

How to rip and play Blu-Rays on a Mac

We’ll tell you how to get BluRays onto your hard drive. We’ll show you three possible variants.

The Apple TV App lacks a Landscape Mode.

The new Apple TV App takes some getting used to. Above all, a decent landscape fashion is missing.