iOS 13: Text Marking with 3D and Haptic Touch

iOS 13 comes with some small changes that will interest you if you frequently work with text and need to mark and copy parts of it.

iOS 13: Double tap to zoom in Safari does not work anymore

It is one of the most commonly used gestures under iOS: the double tap on content, for example in Safari. This adjusts the text size to the display.

Even more updates! Update to iOS 13.1.2 & iPadOS 13.1.2

If you think that updates will become a sport, you may not be wrong. There are again updates for iOS and iPadOS.

Apple Watch 4: watchOS 5.3.2 update under iOS 12.4 not possible

If you have an Apple Watch 3 or 4 and are running it together with an iPhone with iOS 12, it is not possible to install the latest security update from watchOS to version 5.3.2.

Security updates for older devices with iOS 12

For the first time Apple provides a security update for an iOS version for which there is already a successor.

Security update for watchOS to 5.3.2

Apple has already released watchOS 6, but not for Series 1 and 2. Now they get a security update.

Apple warns against third-party displays on new iPhones

If you have had your display repaired by a third-party provider, iOS will now inform you about this on newer iPhones.

iPadOS and iOS 13.1 available for download

Apple has released the first update to iOS 13.1 and at the same time iPadOS.

iOS 13 keyboard supports two languages at the same time

Apple has not only taught the iOS 13 keyboard the Swype function: the keyboard can now also handle entries in two languages at the same time.

iCloud website revised, not accessible from iPhone

Apple has revised the iCloud website a bit. The design is now a bit lighter and the settings are elsewhere.