5 Watt power supply no longer available in Germany

5 Watt Apple Power Supply

The smallest power supply is now too weak.

Apple’s smallest and weakest power adapter is no longer available for purchase in Apple’s online store. Perhaps Apple has decided that with all the large batteries in the current iPhones, it’s time to only put slightly more powerful power adapters on sale.

The small power adapter with 5 watts of charging power in the European design is just about the size of the actual power outlet and never covers surrounding spaces. In the US and other countries, it has a more square design and is still available. Perhaps Apple will remove it in those markets a bit later.

The power adapter is still very reliable and charges even larger iPhones overnight. Plus, it’s always a good replacement if you’ve bought a tech toy, which comes with a really cheap power adapter. With Apple’s variants, you can always rely on good quality and safety.

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