For free: Amazon Freevee starts in Germany

Amazon Freevee

Amazon’s free streaming service is available in Germany.

Amazon has launched a new free streaming service in Germany: Amazon Freevee. You can watch movies and series for free, the offers can be found in the Amazon Prime app on the TV or iPhone. In the US, the service has been around for a while under the name IMDB TV.

Among others, the series Bosch Legacy or Two Broke Girls are included. There are definitely better offers to be found than with other free streaming services.

The whole thing is financed by advertising, about nine minutes per hour. That doesn’t sound too bad at first, but Amazon doesn’t combine the commercials into blocks like on German TV, but interrupts the stream every few minutes for a few spots. This might not be so important for short sitcoms, but it might be annoying for longer movies.

But with a free offer, we don’t want to complain for now, after all, it’s a nice way to have a bit of content available when you’re maybe on vacation or you’re just between two providers when doing streaming provider hopping. A little tip: Amazon also sorts movies you have to buy between the free offers, so be careful when choosing if you really don’t want to spend anything.

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