ZombieLoad: New serious Intel vulnerability

A new serious security vulnerability has been found in Intel processors, which are also installed by Apple.

CalDigit AV2 Pro: External 3.5″ case, USB hub, USB-C charger. For $99!

With the introduction of USB-C, externally connectable products also became more creative. CalDigit has now managed to create a product that is suitable for all of us.

Anker Atom 30 Watt USB-C charger available in sufficient quantities

The extremely small Anker USB-C charger is now available in sufficient quantities.

Mojave Patch Updater: Do not install Legacy Video Card Patch!

The Mojave Patch Updater currently offers an update for older graphics cards – don’t install it for now.

Modern Navigation: feelers.spoils.blaze = TV Tower Berlin

Have you ever sent geocoordinates to meet somewhere? Probably not, because it’s too awkward. There is a solution for that: location information that simply consists of three words.

macOS Terminal: Make new directory

In this series we introduce you to commands for the command line of macOS which make life easier and faster.

Rip DVDs: MacX DVD Ripper Pro for free

Currently you can download MacX DVD Ripper Pro for free.

LG 5K Ultrafine Display disappears from the market

Apple is slowly taking the 5K version of LG’s Ultrafine display off the market.

Apple promotes its own recycling and trade-in programme

Apple promotes its own trade-in program for older iPhones with an emotional video.

Microsoft Browser Edge now for Mac

Microsoft has its Edge Browser now also available as a Mac version.