New Apple Watch Series 3 now requires at least an iPhone 6s

By new we mean of course newly purchased from Apple – the Series 3 is after all already in stores since 2017.

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch 5, iPad 7

Apple introduced new hardware and software today. Included: a new iPhone and an updated Apple Watch!

Update to watchOS 6 requires purchase of a new iPhone in part

You have an Apple Watch and are looking forward to the watchOS 6 update? Then you should have the right iPhone for Apple’s smartwatch.

iOS 13 drops support for iPhone 6, 5s and iPad 2, 3

The upcoming iOS 13 will no longer run on many popular Apple devices. These are beloved iPhone models and an iPad that was sold until 2017.

iPhone 11 production breaks Chinese labor protection laws

The production of current iPhones under the control of Apple and Foxconn contradicts current laws in China, according to a report by the non-profit organization China Labour Watch.

Apple Music now also available via web browser

We’ve waited a long time for this: Apple Music, similar to Spotify, can now also be reached via the normal browser.

Philips Hue HomeKit bulbs now also in filament style

LED incandescent lamps are energy-efficient, provide beautiful light and can be controlled by HomeKit. What was missing was the look of the 20th century, so Philips is now launching a filament design.

Xiaomi Aqara HomeKit Hub now also available in European version

Those who have been waiting for a cheap HomeKit compatible Smart Hub can now look forward to the Xiaomi Aqara HomeKit Hub in a European version.

Apple Watch Series 2, 3: Cracked display is repaired free of charge

Apple has launched a new repair program. Apple Watches series 2 and 3 may have cracks in the glass of the display. A repair is made free of charge.

Careful: Apple Watch stopwatch displays time incorrectly

If you like to use the stopwatch function of your Apple Watch we would like to point out that the display of the stopped time on the Apple Watch contains a bug.