Apple released (High) Sierra security updates a second time

Together with the update to macOS 10.14.4 there were also security updates for 10.12 Sierra and 10.13 High Sierra. This has now been released again.

Apple finally cancels AirPower charging mat

Long awaited, now it won’t come at all: Apple’s AirPower charging mat is finally canceled.

Pages, Numbers and Keynote get new features

Apple has updated its own Office application. Pages, Numbers and Keynote now offer new features.

ifixit shows us new AirPods 2 from inside – incl. charging case

ifixit has taken the new AirPods 2 apart. So much can be revealed: there is still nothing that can be repaired.

Pock moves the dock on the MacBook to the Touch Bar

You like the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro, but you haven’t found the right killer app yet? It’s now available with Pock.

Twitter App with new automatic “lights out” mode

For those who tweet a lot at night or simply like dark modes, the Twitter app now has a small adjustment.

Apple prepared for the right to repair

In the USA there is the “Right to Repair” movement, which is committed to being able to have devices repaired by companies that are not the original manufacturers. Apple seems prepared for this.

How to permanently disable faulty GPU in 2011 MacBook Pro 15″

The dedicated graphics chips built into the 15″ MacBook Pro have a serial error and will fail sooner or later. Now there’s a way to just shut them down.

How long does a smartphone with a foldable display last?

Smartphones with a foldable display? Some may ask themselves how long this should last. Samsung now answers this question.

New 5K iMac significantly faster than predecessor

The new iMac models have a new interior, and that’s a lot faster than before.