M2: CPU 15% faster, GPU up to 50%.

Apple M2 Benchmark

The M2 chip is faster and more efficient.

The first benchmarks of the new M2 processor appear on Geekbench – all with the same battery runtime compared to the predecessor. Apple has once again improved the efficiency.

The single-core performance is about 15% higher compared to an M1, and the multi-core performance is about 20% higher. A nice increase, but probably not earth-shattering if you already have an M1. The graphics performance is more interesting: here, increases of up to over 50% are possible in various measurements.

The slightly higher clock rate of the M2 (with 3.49 GHz vs. 3.2) together with more GPU cores has thus achieved its goal. Perhaps there is also more optimization potential in the GPU area. In any case, it can be seen that future MX generations will continue to reach more performance with lower power consumption at a fast pace.

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