Hue: Pretend presence with TV simulation

Hue Iris

Somebody is watching TV – but not you.

You can mimick that you are at home even though you are not. Security cameras etc. are useful, but it is still best to simulate an occupied house so that the chances of a break-in decrease when you are on holiday. With Philips Hue you can switch on a TV simulation that pretends you are watching TV.

Hue Automatisierungen

Of course, the Hue lamps also need significantly less electricity compared to a real television set. The electricity costs are therefore very reasonable. You can get the television simulation, which actually looks surprisingly real, from Hub Labs. This is an area in the official Hue app where Philips offers you new functions that are still being tested.

Hue App Labs

Hue TV Simulation

Simply go to Automations in the Hue app and then to “Hue Labs”. There you tap on Browse all Formulas and look for (quite far down) the option “TV mimicking”. You can then set and accept the desired values. Even a variable switch-on time can be selected in periods.

Hue Labs Controls

This function will then also appear normally under your automations, but you always have to make the small detour to the Hue Labs if you want to change settings. For your vacation, however, this is a function that can be quite practical.

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