HomePod software 15.6: Also not better

HomePod mini

Siri is not developing.

With the update of the software version 15.6 for the HomePod, Apple not only introduced a few new Asian languages, but also promised a few stability and function improvements.

However, these do not affect those that we had noted here. As before, the HomePod mini selects the wrong radio station and the 60-minute buffer when commanding “resume” a stream is annoying. Frank-Walter Steinmeier is also still said to be the Chancellor of Germany.

HomePod 15.6

Those who have owned a HomePod (mini) for a while will also have noticed that not only the software on the actual device seems to be the problem, but also the infrastructure behind it. We are now experiencing this again: after completely resetting the HomePod mini a few months ago, the problems are now starting. The HomePod complains that it has no Internet connection, and every few days the message comes that the HomeKit is not available – only to be available again after a short time.

During this time, we took extra care not to change anything in the infrastructure in which the HomePod mini is located. The software version remained the same until the update, as did the software version of the router used. Moreover, no new devices were registered on this one either. So time has simply passed. Furthermore, it is always necessary to verify with other devices on the same router that there is always an Internet connection at the same moment.

We really hope that something will happen in this regard with iOS 16. In principle, HomePod users only want stability for the entire system. And perhaps support for two languages, because Siri still has problems recognizing a song title in a language other than the main language.

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