Eary Audiobook App can only be used to a limited extent at the moment

Eary App

Eary is currently only usable to a limited extent.

The popular audio book app Eary, which makes it possible to listen to audio books available on Spotify in the correct order and also to remember the playing position, can currently only be used to a limited extent.

We recommended it to you some time ago because Spotify’s app for audio books is still a disaster. Since September 1st, some of you will have noticed that Eary no longer works properly – except in Spotify mode, which you can switch on in the library by tapping on the three dots.

Eary Twitter

This is probably because the interface to Spotify used by Eary, the iOS Streaming SDK, was shut down a few days ago, according to developer Fabian on Twitter writes. However, that should not be the end of Eary, because there is still the Spotify App Remote Library, which probably still enables the desired functions.

Fabian promises to develop Eary further and give us our favorite audio book app. Due to its practical functionality, it has already established itself in everyday life. Until it is updated, simply continue to use it in the somewhat limited Spotify mode. You can’t currently download it though because it has been temporarily removed from the App Store.

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