A16 chip just as fast as A15 in multi-core benchmark

A16 Benchmark

Not faster but more efficient.

The first measurement result has found its way to the Geekbench page: the new A16 chip in the iPhone 14 Pro is as fast as the predecessor in the multi-core benchmark.

4664 points are listed for the iPhone 14 Pro, 4659 for the A15, so we have apparently reached a level where there is simply enough computing power for everything on smartphones. However, the A16 has gained about 10% in the single-core score and now supplies 1879 instead of 1707 points.

A15 Benchmark

So the bottom line is no improvement? You can’t say that, Apple has just shifted the focus to another area this time, namely energy efficiency. And so it A16 is manufactured in 4nm structure size which means it consumes less power. Result: an iPhone 14 Pro with A16 lasts about three hours longer compared to an iPhone 14 with A15.

Apple probably believes that it was more important to achieve more efficiency than even more processing power. This can be supported from everyday use, since the last iPhones are all not slow at all. But a battery that lasts a bit longer is always a nice-to-have.

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