Battery replacement for iPhone 14 (Pro) 40% more expensive

price battery replacement iPhone 14

Replacing the battery has become significantly more expensive.

The prices for a battery replacement for the iPhone 14 can be found on Apple’s support pages. Apple does not differentiate between the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max. Each battery replacement costs the same, which means that customers of the cheapest phone relative to the purchase price pay most.

But all customers have to dig a lot deeper into their pockets: while changing the battery for reasonably up-to-date models up to the iPhone 13 costs just under $70, replacing it in the 14 models costs $99 – that’s an increase of about 40%.

So either the battery has become much more complex, which is quite unlikely given the fact that the iPhone 14 is in principle a 13 whicht was slightly improved. Or Apple is already pricing in the currently high inflation when changing batteries. In the Germany, too, the price was raised sharply to 119 Euros – that corresponds to an increase of 60%.

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