Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard disappears from iOS

SwiftKey depreciation

Microsofts great keyboard will no longer be available.

Microsoft’s optional keyboard for iOS, SwiftKey, has been downloaded millions of times and loved by many. It has always been able to correct several languages ​​at the same time (which Apple only introduced with iOS 13) and was also popular because of the customizable themes and the good correction suggestions.

At the request of zdnet, Microsoft has now announced that that the app will be discontinued. If you still have it on your cell phone, you can continue to use it, but it cannot be restored on a new device. It will also disappear entirely from the App Store on October 5, 2022.

ios 13 swiftkey keyboard

This means that many have to go back to Apple’s standard keyboard, which has also learned many of SwiftKey’s properties over the years (swiping, multiple languages ​​at the same time). It’s kind of a shame though. Anyone who loves SwiftKey so much that he or she cannot do without this keyboard has only one choice: switching to Android – Microsoft will continue to maintain the keyboard there in the future.

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