Satellite emergency call starts today in US, December in Europe

iPhone Satelliten Notruf

Get help with satellite communication.

Apple has unlocked the satellite emergency call option that was introduced with the current iPhone 14 series. If you are in a location where the traditional cellular network cannot connect, a text communication via satellite can be used to get help.

Anyone who only thinks of remote deserts or other places popular with extreme athletes forgets that there are also places in Germany where there is no areawide mobile network. Brandenburg, for example, is such a federal state. In the worst case, it can actually be the case that after a car accident without satellite communication, no help can be obtained.

Apple Emergency SOS phone

Apple is launching the service in the US and Canada starting today, and in Europe for Germany, France, Great Britain and Ireland from December. A subscription is required to use the service, but pricing is not yet known.

Currently, most users are likely to own an iPhone 14 Pro. The normal 14 series sells very poorly, customers prefer to buy the still excellent 13. So satellite communication is technically a great achievement, but it still seems to play a subordinate role in the decision to buy a specific iPhone.

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