M2 MacBook Pro: Easy to disassemble, some coupled parts

m2 macbook pro inside

Apple puts the complete repair manual for the M2 MacBook Pro online.

ifixit disassembled the M2 MacBook Pro in 14″ and looked at the repairability. It is practical that you can work well on the device: almost everything is screwed together and the system can be easily disassembled. The one provided by Apple also helps here Repair Guide< /a> that the corporation posts to prevent right-to-repair laws.

But of course it’s not all pure friendliness: ifixit notes that the display has an opening angle sensor, for which the activation procedure in the instructions must be followed exactly – otherwise it simply burns out. The question is what happens if you want to use a display from another original MacBook Pro or get one from another source somewhere. So Apple shows some good will with good accessibility of the components and detailed instructions – on the other hand, the components are coupled to the logic board so that Apple never relinquishes control.

The smaller M1 MacBook Air, for example, has a decisive advantage here: its display only uses normal hinges, so that replacing it with a spare part is very easy and can also be done quickly.

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