Netflix wants to curb account sharing – a little bit

netflix devices

Netflix tries to find a solution in regard to account sharing.

Netflix recently listed a few FAQs on this support page that would have meant a clearer restriction on account sharing. So they wanted to set a main location and at this point they would have had to dial the devices into the local WLAN at least once a month in order to remain activated. Even when traveling, you could only continue streaming on request.

Unfortunately we only have the German screenshots:

netflix reise

netflix standort

netflix konto

In the meantime, people have rowed back and there is no longer talk of a main location but only of the fact that devices have to be verified from time to time. The restrictions mentioned above would probably also have affected too many users who actually only use their account for themselves. The currently valid FAQs now look like this:

netflix reise neu

netflix standort neu

netflix konto neu

It will probably stay with the somewhat more relaxed solution for the time being. Many users who are part of a shared account are unlikely to create their own account at all if stricter rules come into force. So the question for the streaming companies is: where is the balance between control and accepted account sharing?

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