There is one for the Mac: Netflix App for macOS!

Have you been looking for a Netflix app for Mac and macOS for a long time? Here it is. 🙂

Tip: finally a neat charging cable on your desk

Apple continues to reduce the tangle of cables, but one remains: the charging cable, which always spreads somehow on the desk. A very simple trick provides for something more order.

How to retrospectively create a HomePod stereo pair

You bought a second HomePod but skipped the option to configure the first and second one together as a stereo pair during setup? It’s easy to make up for.

How to sync all iOS Messages over the iCloud

Apple introduced the ability to sync messages via the iCloud with iOS 11.4. This has several advantages and we will show you how easy it is to set up.

iOS 11.4 released with support for AirPlay 2

Apple has released iOS version 11.4. Especially HomePod owners should be happy: the new version brings AirPlay 2!

Summer preparation: Show UV Index in the iOS weather app

Summer is coming and with it also the sun with the accompanying UV rays. If you want to know how strong these sunburn causing parts of the light are, you can find the answer in the iOS Weather App.

Lightweight luggage: USB-C charger and cables for traveling

MacBooks and other technical accessories are getting lighter and lighter, but do you need multiple power supplies to recharge the devices you take with you when you travel? With the right choice of power supply and clever combination with appropriate cables you can restore minimalist order and save weight at the same time.

iMac Pro VESA Mount: The screws break away

Want to fit your iMac Pro with a VESA mount? Then be careful during installation.

Review: Blitzwolf PowerStorm 6700 mAh USB-C Powerbank tested

You need a small and lightweight powerbank, but it has to have a USB-C port for charging so you can use the MacBook power adapter for it? We found something for you.

Steam Link App for iOS temporarily rejected by Apple

Valve has created an iOS app for its game streaming service – which has now been rejected by Apple.