QuickLook reveals encrypted data and remembers old data volumes

The handy macOS function QuickLook, which creates a quick preview of a file by pressing the spacebar, is quite a security hole.

A big difference: MacBook Pro with and without Touch Bar

What is the difference between a Macbook Pro with and the one without Touch Bar? This is a very good question. And the differences lie much deeper than having a Touch Bar or not.

iOS Tips: Get the most out of Safari on iPhone

Today we’re introducing some hidden features in Safari for iOS. Once you know them, you’ll use them every day!

MacBook Pro 2017: Defective SSD means defective logic board

First of all the good news: Apple allows a warranty repair. Important: If one of the mentioned parts of your MacBoo has been repaired before, you are still affected.

How to register Apple devices for service? With the Support App!

At some point one of your Apple devices gets it: it needs to be repaired. But everyone knows: there’s no spontaneous repairs in the Apple Store, you need an appointment. We show you the best way to make an appointment there.

Microsoft shows preview of Office 2019 for Mac

Microsoft has released a preview version of Office 2019 for Mac.

Shortcut Bar for macOS: Bookmarks and Text Blocks immediately available

This little app has a big impact on the use of your Mac: it offers you shortcuts for many things in the macOS menu bar. And that’s more practical than you might think.

How to show network speed in macOS menu bar

If you are interested in the current network speed which is currently reached during a current download, you can display it permanently in the macOS menu bar.

Review: Affordable Mesh Wifi System Tenda Nova MW3 tested

The era of Mesh WLAN routers has dawned and we are testing the cheapest: the Tenda Nova MW3 as a set of two. So much is clear: for many users this may be what they need.

Stamp synchronizes your playlists between streaming services

You have created extensive playlists in your music streaming service and would like to transfer them to another service? With Stamp this is possible.