Apple: More Revenue, Apple Pay in more countries

Apple has released the latest quarterly figures: The economic success has continued to grow.

Do not disturb App informs you when your MacBook is opened

You do have important data on your MacBook and would like to know if someone in your absence is going to open the display and try to do something fishy? Then “Do not disturb” is something for you.

Currently free: Shotty screenshot organizer App

If you make a lot of screenshots, you may be a bit bored by always finding them in the desktop folder. Try using Shotty instead!

Comment: Too bad the AirPorts are leaving

Apple decided to discontinue the AirPort router series. It’s a pity, because the devices have their place in many households.

No reception anymore: Apple stops selling AirPort Routers

Apple decided to not produce Wifi routers anymore. The current stock will be sold off and there will be no replacements.

Test: Sony MDR-EX650AP In Ear Headphones and Headset Review

This new headset was a spontaneous buy. After a few days, however, we realized how good it is so we decided to write a review about it.

More security: Extensive Updates for iOS and macOS

Apple updated both major operating systems, eliminating a very annoying bug, too.

Rusty Lake Hotel: Do you like puzzles and creepy atmosphere?

If yes then Rusty Lake Hotel as point & click game might be perfect for you.

A little advertising: New short clips from Apple

Apple released two short clips, which are quite entertaining.

More Power: Battery Cases for your iPhone X

The iPhone X’ battery is pretty good and normally lasts a whole day and longer. What happens, however, if you have a very busy day with lots of tasks or you’d like to shoot long videos with it? A battery case will give you the additional capacity.