iMac updated: matt display option and 1080p FaceTime camera

Apple imac magickeyboardnum magicmouse2 macos wallpaper 08042020

A new iMac with interesting fresh features – in the old case.

Apple has probably updated the iMac for the last time in the current design – but has improved essential things.

A good webcam, no possibility of internal upgrading

For example, there is finally a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, which we all hope will be much better than what Apple has built in so far. Especially in times of the video conferencing boom, this is a step in the right direction.

Of course, Apple has also improved the speakers and microphones, which, as in the MacBook Pro, are also supposed to achieve studio quality. And one component that had fallen out of time has been removed: the hard drive. Now all 27-inch iMacs finally come with SSDs from the factory. Along with it the T2 chip is also on board. Upgrading iMacs should no longer be possible from now on.

Finally a matt display in a Mac again

There’s an interesting new feature to report on the display: the 5K model is now available with nano texture as an option, just like the Pro Display XDR. This should make all those who have been wishing for a Mac with a matt display for a decade finally happy.

Apple imac macos cinema4d rendering 08042020

This should be almost more important to many than the new 10th generation Intel processors, which have up to ten cores. We assume that this will be the last generation with Intel CPUs before switching to ARM. As a graphic, the AMD Radeon Pro 5000 is on board.

21.5″ iMac also with SSDs, iMac Pro gets 10-core processor

The small iMac finally ships with SSDs only (with the option to choose a Fusion Drive) and the iMac Pro gets a small processor update and gets at least a 10-core processor in the basic configuration.

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