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We show you how to make the text size of your Google search results on iPad a bit bigger.

Do you also find the text of the Google search results on your iPad too small? As you know, Google wants websites that are easy to read so that they rank well in their own index. However, it happens again and again that the text of their search results is displayed very small.

Google Ansicht iPad Desktop klein

The reason for this is simple: Google does not have a consistently responsive website, i.e. the web page with the search results does not automatically react to different devices and display sizes. The page only becomes responsive once Google has recognized that it is a mobile device. Until then the desktop version is delivered.

Google mobile Ansicht iPad

And this is exactly what happens with the iPad: Google simply delivers the desktop version to the Apple device. And so the text on the search results page simply appears much too small for many eyes. But the solution is quite simple:

iOS Safari mobile Website anfordern

In the iOS Safari address bar, there are two small A letters on the left side. Tap them once and select the option “Request Mobile Website”. Now Google treats the iPad as a mobile device and also shows the font larger. The search results are also displayed differently – in a different sort order than on the smartphone. If you don’t like that, you can stay with the desktop version and simply increase the font size in the same option window. But then the page will be wider again and will not scroll as well. For everyday use, however, the mobile view is also more pleasant on the iPad.

DuckDuckGo Ansicht iPad

Whoever uses DuckDuckGo as a search engine does not have this problem. The font size is a bit bigger no matter in which view. It’s somehow surprising that Google still maintains this strict separation of the display modes for many devices – but that seems to be the last word in optimization. Fortunately you don’t have to stick to it.

6 thoughts on “iPad: Google search results – text too small

    1. Hi Phil,

      that is a good question. The most likely being that Google is trying stuff out. They are constantly changing things to optimise them and maybe that is what happens – or maybe Apple changed something in the identification of the Safari browser.

      Thanks for your feedback by the way!


    1. Hi Walter,

      as far as I remember it you can find that option in Chrome on iOS/iPadOS when you tap on the three dots in the menu bar. Then a huge menu opens and you choose “Show mobile website”. Maybe you have to scroll down a bit. Let us know if that works for you!


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