My BMW App replaces old Connect version for BMW vehicles

new my BMW App

The new My BMW app is not quite ready yet but seems to make a lot better than the old Connected one.

BMW is replacing the old BMW Connected App with the new My BMW version. The old one was quite buggy and the new one is not finished yet, but at least things are progressing and the fresh app seems to do quite a bit right.

BMW provides the apps for vehicles manufactured from 2014 on. The apps allow you to remotely control various functions, such as switching lights on and off, locking the car or checking the fuel or charge level. You can also send navigation data to your car navigation system.

BMW has chosen white as the new background colour for the app, in contrast to the previous black. This makes the app look a little lighter and fits better to the recently revised BMW logo.

Some features of the new app are not yet fully implemented, but the reviews show that BMW is already on the right track. If you are still using the old Connected version and it still annoys you, you can take a look at the new one.

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