How to stream Apple TV+ to Android TV?

Case Google Chrome Android TV

You can watch Apple TV+ for test purposes on your Android TV via Chrome Browser.

Maybe you have a fairly modern Android TV and want to take a look at Apple TV. You don’t have an Apple TV at hand, and Apple doesn’t offer an Apple TV+ app for Android TVs.

Stream Apple TV+ from MacBook to Android TV

If you have your MacBook at hand, it’s easy: All you need is the Chrome Browser from Google. Just download it.

Chromecast streaming Apple TV Android TV

Then open the browser view of Apple TV+ in the Chrome Browser (we assume that you have already created an account on one of your Apple devices). Now choose a video you want to watch (just for testing purposes the trailers of For all Mankind do it too).

The Chrome Browser now allows to stream the tab content to the Android TV (also from Google) via Chromecast. To do this just click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser and select “Cast”. Then select your TV and the Apple TV+ content will be streamed to the TV.

Watch Apple TV on Android TV

The faster your WLAN is, the better this works. Even better, of course, if your Mac and/or TV is even connected to an ethernet cable. Probably not a permanent solution for many people, but it’s not a bad thing to try Apple TV. A simple Fire TV Stick is an affordable, long-term solution – Apple provides an Apple TV+ app for it.

Install Chrome on Android TV

Now you might get the idea to watch Apple TV+ simply via the browser, after all this is an officially supported method by Apple. The registration in Apple TV+ works on an Android TV as well, only playback is not possible – apart from the annoying typing of letters on the keyboard.

If you still want to pursue this approach, you can do the work and install the Chrome Browser on your TV. Maybe you have connected your mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth, which would make things easier. The video shows you a workaround to install Chrome. Since this is a full-blown browser, Apple TV+ might work as well – let us know when you’ve tried it.

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